7 Acne Treatment Recipes That Have Absolutely No Harmful Chemicals

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There are many ways to get rid of acne without chemicals. Acne is not something anyone wants and it can be really tempting to slather on lotions, gels and other treatments that contain chemicals to get rid of acne BUT it can make things much worse.

Our skin is not meant to be lathered up with chemicals. Our bodies are not equipped to process chemicals that leech into our skin. It is well known that 60% of what you put on your skin winds up being absorbed into your body.

When our bodies absorb chemicals they are not processed they build up in our organs. There are so many diseases that are thought to start with this chemical build-up. You have to stop and ask yourself—is it worth the health risks? The answer is always going to be NO!

Besides the fact that it is bad for your body, the good news is that you do not have to risk your health to get rid of acne. Below are seven effective ways to get rid of acne without chemicals.


What is Acne?

Understanding what causes acne can help you to better attack yours. Acne can have several causes:

  • Faulty diet:  What you put in your body is what you get out of it. Not eating right can be causing your acne. Our bodies always send us signals when what we are doing is not right. Acne can be a signal that your diet is off-balance.
  • Exposure to chemicals:  Chemicals, creams, toxins all can cause acne. Exposure to chemicals that your body is not happy with can manifest as acne. Bacterial-fungal overgrowth can cause acne (which can be related to diet or exposure).
  • Wrong hygiene:  Not using the right cleansing techniques can cause acne.
  • Genetics:  Genetics can also play a role in acne.
  • Change in hormones:  Hormonal changes, especially in teenagers, may cause flare-ups that may be difficult to manage.

The good news is that you can battle acne without harsh chemicals!


7 Chemical-Free Acne Treatments

We are going to look at ways that will help to remedy acne that does not contain chemical elements. These 7 ways to remedy acne without chemicals address all of the causes of acne (except genetics, sorry we don’t have one for that yet) that will help to reduce outbreaks and clear up your acne.

Changing your lifestyle is the first step towards a healthier skin.

  1. Let’s talk about clean. Stop using your cleansers and start getting your face naturally clean by using oil. Yes it sounds crazy but yes it works. Hempseed oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil combined at a ratio of 1:3 mixed with a natural astringent oil. A good recipe is 1 part olive oil: 2 parts grapeseed oil : 1 part hazelnut oil : 1 part hemp seed oil. Wash your face with just warm water. Apply the cleansing oil mix and cover your face with a very hot towel. Cover the towel with a dry wash cloth and wait until the wet towel reaches room temperature, wipe the oil off and your skin will begin to heal.
  2. Honey wash. Honey is a natural antibiotic and we know that acne has a bacterial component. Take about a ½ teaspoon of honey (raw) and apply it to your wet face in the morning, slowly massage it in wait a few minutes then rinse it off.
  3. Spray on Apple Cider Vinegar. Take a spray bottle fill it with 1/3 witch hazel and 2/3 apple cider vinegar and mist your face with it in the morning and at night (watch your eyes) it is a natural toner. Spray it on before you wash your face and let it dry.
  4. Homemade acne cream. Fill a jar with jojoba oil and add a few about 1 ounce and add 5 drops of carrot seed oil. This homemade acne cream will break up the extra sebum in your skin without over drying it.
  5. Honey cinnamon, spot treatment. Make a paste of raw honey and add enough cinnamon to create a paste and use it for spot treatments. Let the mixture dry on your face then wash off.
  6. You are what you eat. There are some key foods to avoid to help curtail break outs. Zinc deficiency can cause breakouts because your hormones are off-balance. Eat fatty fish, avocado, fennel and red grapes—all of these foods have been shown to reduce inflammation in the skin.
  7. Reduce stress. Hormones go haywire when you are too stressed out, so get it under control by exercising more frequently when you know you are under more stress then usual, and choose foods that can help to regulate your hormones during stressful times.

You can get your acne under control with any of these 7 ways to get rid of acne without chemicals.



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  1. Evie Sterne

    Thank you so much for sharing such an very informative article, I have acne since I was in 6th grade. I had tried lots of brand skin care products but didn’t work, then work for me. But I have never tried all this may be this one works for me. I’ll try this weekend. Many thanks in advance 🙂

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