The Wine You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, And Why It’s Good For You

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Skip the red or white wine and reach for a glass of orange wine. Yes, you read that correctly. Orange wine is a refreshing beverage that is made using fermented orange peels along with a selection of white grape varieties.

While you may not be familiar with this wine, it offers an array of health benefits that you will not get from white or red wine. Orange wine provides a healthy dose of vitamin C, along with antioxidants and flavonoids. Learn more about these health benefits and find out why it is a healthier option than white or red wine.


What Is Orange Wine?

First, before exploring the health benefits, you may want to know more about this unusual, new wine. It is basically a white wine that is produced in a similar manner as red wine.

White wine is made from white-fleshed grapes, but the wine does not make contact with the skin of the grapes. With red wine, the wine does come in contact with the skin of the grapes, which gives it its color.


Orange wine is made using a similar process as red wine, except orange peels are added during the fermentation process. This results in a distinctly flavored wine. Many people describe it as having a rustic taste and aroma.


Health Benefits Of Orange Wine

1. Orange Wine Can Lower Your Cholesterol

Orange wine is a great source of flavonoids. These flavonoids can help lower bad cholesterol while promoting the synthesis of good cholesterol. By managing your cholesterol levels, you may be able to reduce your risk of blockage and cardiovascular issues.

Flavonoids can also help to thin blood, which may improve blood circulation and further prevent arteries from clogging and plaque from forming. Overall, these flavonoids are incredibly heart-healthy.


2. Orange Wine Is Packed With Antioxidants

Orange wine is full of powerful antioxidants. While you can receive many of these antioxidants in white wine, orange wine provides a larger dose. A single glass should provide you with a healthy dosage of tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol. These antioxidants help flush your system and attack free radicals.

There is also evidence to suggest that these antioxidants can help strengthen nerve cells and improve brain function. A typical serving of orange wine contains as many antioxidants as a tablespoon of olive oil.


3. Prevent Constipation And Improve Digestion

Drinking orange wine could be helpful in improving your digestive system, thus, helps to ease various digestive disorders, including constipation and indigestion.


4. Could Help Improve Respiratory Health

Another potential benefit of drinking orange wine is that it may help eliminate chest pain. The high antioxidants content is beneficial for lung health, just as fresh oranges provide that benefit for the respiratory system. There are several studies that suggest red wine can offer this same benefit, but red wine tends to have additional sugar.


Some other potential benefits to consider, include eliminating allergic reactions to seafood, treating motion sickness, relieving symptoms related to bronchitis, and protecting your body against the common cold and flu.

As you can see, the orange wine offers a range of health benefits that you may not be able to get from red or white wine. This is mostly due to the inclusion of orange peels in the fermenting process, which add vitamins and flavonoids to the wine. The key here is the flavonoids that is a super booster to the antioxidants.

If you are curious about trying orange wine, start with varieties produced in Italy or Slovenia, as these are two of the biggest producers of this wine that have only been in existence for the past decade.




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