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I love carrot juice, so get a lot of carrot pulp. I dry it in a food dryer, then turn it to powder in a blender. I store it in an air-tight container and sprinkle it in just about everything I cook from oatmeal to cookies to meat loaf to gravy. If there’s a mix of say beets, kale, carrot, etc. it’s quite pretty when sprinkled into potatoes while mashing them. Sure it’s not as vitamin-rich as fresh veggies, but it’s a useable by-product of juicing which has some vitamins left plus the added benefit of the fiber. I don’t add a huge amount in any recipe, perhaps a TBSP in a meatloaf recipe. Nobody in my family knows I do this, so I’m getting veggies into non-veggie eaters on the sly!

The rest of my pulp goes into my vermicomposting bin. Worms LOVE pulp and turn it into castings quicker than when I toss in peelings, etc.! For vermicomposting, I often mix in some coffee grounds and my worms SING when they see me coming!


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