8 Terrible Things Microwave Ovens Can Do To You And Your Food

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A microwave oven is dangerous! It emits harmful radiation even when not in use. Steer clear of it at all cost !!

Convenience or Health? Your Choice

Millions of people all over the world ignorantly sacrifice their health for the convenience of microwave ovens. In this modern world, we want things fast. We want quick cooking at the press of a button. From the fridge to the microwave oven and onto the dining table. Voila, dinner is served!! How convenient. But at what cost? Medical bills. It doesn’t pay to be ignorant.

dangers of microwave oven

If you are concerned enough to want to learn about detox (that’s why you’re here), then stop using a microwave oven!

If you surf the internet about microwave oven, you will come across many who say it is safe, and many others who say that it is dangerous. I would rather err on the safe side. My health is much more important than the convenience that microwave ovens provide.

I have stopped using a microwave oven for a few years now and saw my health gradually improve with eating all the right things.

It really isn’t too difficult to switch from microwave oven cooking to conventional methods of cooking/heating food. Once I understood how harmful microwave oven cooking is, I would not even boil water using it.

Clinical Study on Microwave Oven Cooking

There are 101 reasons why you shouldn’t use a microwave oven for cooking. I will not list all the reasons here, but a clinical study done by Dr HV Hertel and Dr BH Blanc of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology tells volumes:

The small, but well-controlled study showed the significant degeneration of nutrients produced in microwaved foods. The conclusion showed that microwave cooking produced adverse changes in human blood.

In intervals of two to five days, the volunteers in the study received one of the following food variants on an empty stomach:

  1. raw milk;
  2. the same milk conventionally cooked;
  3. pasteurized milk;
  4. the same raw milk cooked in a microwave oven;
  5. raw vegetables from an organic farm;
  6. the same vegetables cooked conventionally;
  7. the same vegetables frozen and defrosted in a microwave oven; and
  8. the same vegetables cooked in the microwave oven.

Once the volunteers were isolated, blood samples were taken from every volunteer immediately before eating. Then, blood samples were taken at defined intervals after eating of the above milk or vegetable preparations.

Significant changes were discovered in the blood samples from the intervals following the foods cooked in the microwave oven. These changes included a decrease in all hemoglobin and cholesterol values, especially the ratio of HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) values.

Lymphocytes (white blood cells) showed a distinct short-term decrease following the intake of microwaved food than after the intake of all the other variants. Each of these indicators pointed to degeneration.

Additionally, there was a highly significant association between the amount of microwave energy in the test foods and the luminous power of luminescent bacteria exposed to serum from test persons who ate that food.

Adverse Effects And Dangers of Microwave Oven Cooking

In summary, there are various adverse effects of consuming foods that have been microwaved:

  • Nutrients in food are damaged
  • Food molecules are altered, rendering them inorganic and toxic (or even carcinogenic) to the body
  • Reduction of hemoglobin levels and alteration of blood serum quality, leading to severe anemia
  • A decrease in HDL (good cholesterol) and an increase in LDL (bad cholesterol)
  • A decrease in lymphocytes (white blood cells) leading to the body’s rapid drop in immunity and defense system against viral attacks
  • The de-polarizing and de-magnetizing of foods cause brain damage – loss of memory, concentration or focus, and a decrease of intelligence
  • Inorganic substances interferes with hormonal production, leading to hormonal imbalance
  • Microwaving turns food into cancer-causing agents that could probably explain the high colon cancer rate in most developed countries

Even when not in use, microwave ovens can emit radiation into the kitchen area. If you own a microwave oven, get rid of it if you want to get well. If it is not removable, unplug it and don’t be tempted to use it under any circumstances!

Do This Test Yourself

You can do this test at home to see for yourself, how harmful a microwave oven is:

  • Take two small pots of healthy plants—mark one “Filtered Water” and the other one “Microwaved Water”.
  • Boil some water using a microwave oven and let it cool. Use this water to water the pot of plant marked with “Microwaved Water” and the other with your normal drinking water.
  • Water both plants with these waters respectively and keep a record of number of days
  • At the end of about ten days, you will see that the plant watered with microwaved water would have wilted; whereas the other plant would still be healthy as it should be.

This test will show you how the molecules of water had been altered so severely that even plants are not able to absorb it. Do you want to wilt like this plant?

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