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How much juice to drink before you get well?

Drink as much as you can comfortably drink, and as much as you want, never forced.

Over the years, we have ‘abused’ our body by eating recklessly, loading the body with junk/processed foods, harmful foods, and lived an unhealthy lifestyle. When our body ‘breaks down’, don’t expect it to heal overnight just by drinking juices. And when you start to drink juices, expect your body to experience some changes too.

Fresh juices are one of the best things for prevention of diseases and maintaining health. To reverse a health condition, start making wise healthy choices when it comes to your dietary. Fresh juices complement and aid in speeding up your healing. With a changed lifestyle, you can expect your health to improve and get better.

Consider fresh juices as ‘fuel’ that your body needs to hydrate every one of the one trillion cells in your body. The KEY is to hydrate with vitamins, minerals, enzymesphytonutrientsanti-oxidants, and all the good stuff that can only be found in plant foods.

When your cells are satiated with these foods, they WILL begin to heal. The recipes given on this page may particularly help with certain health conditions. However, endeavor to consume a variety of juices and ensuring that you have more vegetables than fruits (80:20) for healing and cleansing purpose.

Before you start juicing, familiarize yourself with some juicing basics first, especially if you are new to juicing.

Then take your juicing experience to the next level, have fun, learn to experiment and create your own concoctions! Here are some easy tips to start you off on how to create your own tasty green juices.

Once you’re familiar with drinking juices and feel ready to go all the way with your healing, consider juice fasting. It will propel you to the next level of your healing and on your way to a new healthy YOU, full of vitality.

The recipes given on this site are educational and general in nature. Always consult a doctor for your condition before you begin juicing.

Happy juicing! 🙂

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