10 Foods That Resemble The Body Part They’re Good For

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From The Garden Of Eden

I received an email with this beautiful collection and thought that I simply must share it with you. I’ve improvised on the content and present them here for you.

God has provided these nutrition for us when He made the world. He definitely never had McDonald’s (or Dunkin’ Donuts) in mind when he designed the Garden of Eden. Below are clues in the natural food He made for us, and God sure has a sense of humor.

God’s Nutrition Plan

1. Carrot

sliced carrot - God's nutrition planA sliced carrot looks like the human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye… and YES, science now shows that beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin are some of the finest nourishment that help keep the optic system in tip-top condition. It has special protection against astigmatism, macular degeneration and cataracts of the eyes.

2. Tomato

sliced tomato

Like our heart, the tomatoes have two ventricles (right)

sliced tomatoand/or four chambers (left). Research has shown that lycopene and the high anti-oxidant level in tomatoes can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and many types of cancer.

3. Broccoli

broccoliThe broccoli has many branches with full of tiny flower heads at the end of them. This very much resemble our lungs that have millions of tiny air sacs called alveoli.

Broccoli has a unique phytonutrient, isothiocyanates that effectively combat carcinogens especially in smokers to neutralize the poisonous effect to the lungs. The rich vitamin C content also helps smokers counter lung diseases.

4. Walnut

walnutA walnut looks like our brain, complete with the left and right hemisphere. Even the wrinkles and folds look like the neo-cortex. Walnuts have always been known as a “brain food” because of their high content of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is known to have membrane-enhancing capabilities that our brain needs to function and develop properly.

5. Kidney Beans

kidney beansKidney beans are named such because they look like our kidneys. The high fiber content in kidney beans help prevent sugar level from rising rapidly after a meal. This makes it a good choice for individuals with diabetes, insulin resistant or hypoglycemia.

6. Celery, Rhubarb, Bok Choy

celeryCelery, rhubarb and bok choy all look like our bones. These foods especially target bone strength. Like our bones, celery also contains 23% organic sodium which is essential for our body.

If you take the wrong kind of sodium (table salt) or even if you have lack of sodium, the body will leach calcium from your bones, thus making them weak.

7. Avocados

avocadoAvocados target the health and function of women’s womb and cervix. The shape looks like the uterus, with one seed (baby) in the center.

Research has shown that eating one avocado a week can balance up hormones, shed unwanted birth weight and prevents cervical cancer.

The high folate content is also important and necessary for healthy fetal cell and tissue development. Vitamin B6 in avocados help relieve nausea and queasiness associated with pregnancy.

8. Figs

figsSome observers have said that the figs look like the male genitals when two of them are hung together (apologies, don’t mean to be crude!). Figs are full of seeds and the nutrients in them are said to increase the number of sperms to overcome male sterility. In many cultures throughout the world, figs are associated with fertility.

9. Sweet Potato

sweet potatoSome sweet potatoes are shaped like the pancreas. Pancreas is the organ that produces insulin and glucagon to control sugar levels in your blood. Even though sweet potatoes are sweet, their consumption by type 2 diabetics can actually help bring down the blood sugar level.

10. Citrus Fruits

citrus fruits

The external shape of citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, lemons) and the flesh looks like the female mammary glands. Limonoids found in the peels in citrus fruits are known to be beneficial for the health of the breasts and to prevent breast cancer.


Isn’t God amazing? If you have other examples to share, email me.

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