Juicing Romaine Lettuce

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With Kuvings Wide Mouth Slow Juicer


Testing with Romaine Lettuce

In this test, I used four heads of Romaine lettuce. Lettuce should be one of the easiest vegetables to juice as it is not fibrous and is rather juicy. This test is not to push the juicer to the limit, but simply to see how well it will juice lettuce.

As you can see in the above image, you can see that each head of lettuce would easily feed into the 3-inch wide mouth juicer chute opening. However, I decided it would be less strain on the juicer if I cut off the bottom core and loosen up the leaves (see image below). You could put the whole head in, but I feel that by loosening it up, the juicing process will be more even.

Start feeding into the chute … few leaves at a time. With a horizontal juicer, you’ll need to feed one or two leaves each time. I love this!

I like the volume measurement markings on the juicing bowl. Four heads of Romaine lettuce yields about 250 ml or about 8 oz.

After juicing, the leftover residue under the lid. Not too bad.

The pulp. A little damp but pretty good for a vertical slow juicer.

The juice yield. A very dark GREEN juice. Chlorophyll is what juicing is all about!!

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  1. Douglas j Gray

    I tried making green juice with a Vitamix Blender as follows:

    Fill it up about half full with green grapes then, on top a bunch of celery, cut up, then a head of romaine lettuce on top. Blend until it is completely emulsified, then pour into a nut milk bag, and strain. You get a about a quart of really good juice.

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