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Contributed by Leslie Jackson from USA


I made these from our breakfast juice pulp, which were apples, carrots, celery, oranges, grapefruit and ginger. I ground some flaxseed, sunflower seeds and unsalted mixed nuts and added about five heap tablespoons full, along with a little sea salt. All this went into the food processor to make a mash.

It needed a little liquid to get it moving, so we added the zest, juice and pulp of two whole lemons. That wasn’t enough, so we made some more carrot and apple juice (about a cup or so) and added that along with that pulp also. That did the trick.

Spread it out on parchment paper (wax paper will melt and stick). Scored it, then sprinkled the top with a little more sea salt and let it rip! Started about 5:00 pm. One layer was dry and crisp around midnight. The other two took a bit longer, maybe they were thicker. They were done around 2:00 am. Voila! They were crisp and flavorful! Had to stop myself from eating too many! Juice fasting, ya know! (Day 24/60 and feelin’ spunky!) Try ’em: You’ll like ’em! =}


Put it into Oster (dehydrator)

Add flax seed, sunflower seed, mixed nuts ground mixture.

What a happy surprise when we looked in!


I really did not expect them to come out so well on the first try. VERY happy surprise. These will make great “tortilla” type chips, for dipping salsas and dips! Guacamole, hummus or black bean or other bean dips.



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