Cool Your Body, Relieve Inflammation and Detox with One Refreshing Juice

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Cucumber juice helps bring down body temperature, is highly alkalizing and effective for removing uric acid crystalization in joints, like in the case of gout. There may be a slight pain when drinking this juice—it is the stirring of the old toxins to be eliminated. But, STOP, if reaction is severe—it could be something else.

The celery and ginger will help reduce inflammation during cleansing. Perfect combo!


Juice Recipe:

  • 1 medium-sized cucumber
  • 2 ribs of celery
  • a slice of lemon
  • 1-inch young ginger root piece

Very refreshing on a hot day!

Read more about the health benefits of cucumber.



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  1. Hi – I make this juice for my mom in the hope that it will help with her gout. I’m wondering, how often should I be making this juice for her?

  2. Do you juice everything together? Do you add water? What is the directions please.

    1. Sara Ding

      Hi Monica, yes, wash, clean and cut up all the ingredients and put them through your juicer. The portion given is sufficient for one serving without adding water, but you may add a couple of ice cubes – that will really be very quenching on a hot day! Enjoy!

  3. Desiree somers

    I was wondering if you could recommend a recipe for kidney stones and liver i want to do natural remedies. I had my kidney stones for 9 years just found out this year. Please let me know thank you.

  4. Ginita Phelps

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. Will try it to help improve some of my health issues.

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