Lower Blood Pressure and Scrub Away Clogged Arteries with This Simple Juice

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High blood pressure (hypertension) is a warning of more serious cardiovascular problems. Conventional medicine often suggests weight loss and drugs to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, but little attention is given to change dietary habits—the safe and natural way to really lower high blood pressure.

A healthy change in dietary and lifestyle plays a major role in lowering blood pressure naturally. In overweight people with high blood pressure, even by losing as little as 10 pounds can help lower blood pressure. Incorporate moderate and regular aerobic exercise to help reduce blood pressure and improve the heart function.

A diet high in the wrong kind sodium and lacking in calcium, magnesium and/or potassium can increase blood pressure. Processed foods, high fats foods that are low in fiber, all may contribute to hypertension.

Turn to fruits and vegetables to provide you the essential nutrients, antioxidants, phytonutrients and fiber that are anti-hypertension. Fruits and vegetables can have an amazing effect in lowering blood pressure.



Here is one of the many juice recipes that may be helpful for cleaning out the clogged arteries and lower blood pressure naturally.


Juice Recipe:

* 2 cups of green grapes
* A bunch of spinach
* 1 medium-sized jicama
* 1 key lime



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  1. Many thanks for this information. We appreciate it. By the way, what is Jicama and also what you meant by 1 key lime? Would you be kind enough to let me know?
    Thank you and have a great day.

  2. There is no other liquid in this drink and how may servings does this make. Do you drink all of it a once? Are there any drug interactions?

  3. thank you for sharing this article. what can be used in place of 1 medium size jicama.

  4. Where do you find how much magnesium,calcium,potassium,etc. You need for your body,I have had test but they don’t tel you anything just your ok,my body feels like it is dying on me

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