Top Reasons You Need to Try This Anti-Inflammatory Juice for Better Sleep

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I love using pineapple for my green juices. Not only does it give the juice a nice fragrant, tastes thick and delicious, it is high in anti-inflammatory properties that are just so helpful for repairing damaged cells from our daily exposure to free radicals.

Use 2-3 green apples in place of pineapple, if you cannot or don’t wish to use pineapple.

This juice is also very calming to the nerves, a beneficial drink for relieving stress, and for a good night sleep. Drink early evening on an empty stomach before eating your light, healthy dinner.




Other health benefits of this juice combo:

  • Relieves inflammatory conditions (E.g. Carpal tunnel syndrome, gout, arthritis)
  • Provides relief and reduces asthma attacks
  • Natural pain killer
  • Speeds up healing of injury and surgery wounds
  • Aids digestion after a heavy meaty meal
  • Reduces sore throat
  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Promotes deep sleep
  • And many more!

Read more about the healing properties of pineapple here.

Juice Recipe:

  • ½ small pineapple
  • 3 sticks of celery
  • 1-2 heads of Romaine lettuce
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1-inch ginger-root


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  1. Farah Imtiaz

    Hi, I have joint pain in my body and always streched my muscels on back shaulder and end of my spinal code back bone, and also less calcuiam in my body and blood, i am mother of two children and one is 13 years old and one is 14 years old, please i need you good suggestions

  2. Neah Alvarado

    Is the Anti-Inflammatory & Nerves-Calming Juice safe for a 4 year old toddler with Cerebral Palsy? Thanks a lot.

  3. Like what is the amount is it for one glass of it or does it make half a gallon or a quart so I can place in a jar

  4. Henny MacLean

    I’m writing to you that can you not use cucumber and put broccoli instead cause I can’t eat it I get heart burn and celery has a lot of salt in it too. My feet are so swollen that I have to stay off salt. Is there something else’s that i can drink to take the pain away.

  5. How much is actually 1/2 small pineapple? This is not clear. Is this referring to one thin slice of pineapple or half of the small whole pineapple? Would appreciate your clarification. Thanks kindly. 😁

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