Is it OK to freeze veg and fruit juices right away?

by Colin Simonds (Bournemouth, UK)


It’s a messy business making juice so I make several bottles then freeze them. I then have enough fresh juice for about 2 weeks.

I am losing a lot of vitamins by doing this but I guess the minerals are still OK?

Also do you have a list of all popular fruits and vegetables and what the health benefits are for each one?

Does too much juice cause an unhealthy intake of sugar?

Many thanks for your answers.

Colin UK


Sara says:

Hi Colin, thanks for the photo. Indeed you do look good for your age 😉

I always encourage people to drink their juices as fresh as possible. Freeze your juices only if you’re certain that they have not oxidized by the time you prepare them for the freezer.  

Using a masticating juicer will help delay juice oxidation. If using a centrifugal, add some lemon juice for same reason.

Whatever container you use for freezing, allow enough space for expansion once frozen. (Frozen liquid expands and take up more space than its liquid form).

Of course you will surely lose a bit of the vitamins and delicate minerals, and probably even the taste and its freshness. But the phytonutrients are more hardy so you’ll probably still be able to preserve that. Still, I would say drink your juices fresh whenever possible. 😉

Do I have a list of all popular fruits and veg and what the health benefits are for each one? Yes, I surely do and you can find it at my Healing Foods Section. Some of the links are not activated yet because the pages are still being added to.

And finally, too much of anything is never good, so always go with moderation. But, tend to take more green juices than fruit juices as they are more healing. A balanced mix of both is best, for their cleansing and healing virtues.

Happy juicing!


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2 thoughts on “Is it OK to freeze veg and fruit juices right away?

  1. Mary

    I have hypoglycemia so I can’t have a lot of fruit juices. Do you have any recipes that are safe for me to take without spiking my blood sugar? Vegetable juices on their own are rather bitter.

    Thank you


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