Prevent Muscles Cramp


If you’re experiencing muscle cramps, there’s a high chance you’re lacking in calcium, magnesium and certain minerals. In this case, drinking milk will not provide you the calcium needed to remedy muscle cramps.


ELIMINATING/REDUCING processed/refined foods, dairy products, flour and sugar products are key to reduce muscle cramps occurrence.




Here’s a juice combo that is helpful for preventing muscle cramps in your limbs.

Juice Recipe:

  • 2 carrots
  • 2 celery stick
  • ½ cucumber
  • 1 cup of broccoli

Drink regularly alternating with other green juices, with LOTS of water daily. Happy juicing!



One thought on “Prevent Muscles Cramp

  1. Hairspray59

    Now this looks like a great recipe for me to try. I’m a senior and sometime have terrible painful leg cramps. Next time I juice I will use this combination. Will come back later to let you know how well it works.


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