JuicePresso CJP-01

(Smart Extraction System)
A.k.a. L’Equip Coway JuicePresso Vertical Juicer (in USA)

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Another quality product by Coway from Korea.

A hassle-free gear juicer that makes juicing so effortless,
yet preserves the enzymes and nutrients.



I had the privilege of getting a new unit of JuicePresso for testing and for review. At first I was rather skeptical about this model by just looking at the picture. It looks like another “gear-juicer wanna-be”. Wow, was I glad to be proven wrong!

The JuicePresso CJP-01 is marketed as the upgraded and improvedsecond generation” model of the JuicePresso first generation (model numbers JP-11, JP-12 and JP-13)—see pictures on the right.


What’s New in the Upgraded Model?
  • Now there is only one juicing strainer instead of two. No hassle of interchanging the strainers when juicing fruits or vegetables.
  • The juicing strainer is more solid.
  • Self-feeding feature is made easier, almost effortless, due to a wider feeding chute.
  • Self-cleaning wiper blades right to the bottom of juicing chamber to reduce unsightly pigmentation stains.

The three models in the picture are identicals of the Hurom Slow Juicer and the Omega VRT330, all made in Korea. The launch of JuicePresso CJP-01 by Coway doesn’t make the first generations obsolete, but rather it’s giving more options to the consumers.

Coway is one of the biggest companies in Korea with among the country’s top three R&D (Research & Development) Department that spends millions of dollars on their products before they get launched in the market. They produce very high quality and innovative products, yet selling at below market when compared to similar products in the same league. Having understood where this juicer comes from, I can safely trust the quality of this product.


How Does the JuicePresso Work?

The JuicePresso works very similarly as the Hurom and Omega Vert, but uses a patented “Smart Extraction System” that runs on very low speed at only 40 RPM (versus the destructive high speed of 3,000~16,000 RPM on a centrifugal juicer).

This method of extraction is called masticating, much like other gear juicers that presses out the juice from the pulp. The action tears open the produce’s cell membranes and releases its deep-seated nutrients and enzymes. It also breaks up more of the phytonutrients from the produce, resulting in a richer colored juice, richer in its nutrients and minerals, AND tastes great! You just have to drink from it once and never want to drink from a centrifugal juicer ever again!

The slow RPM ensures that it does not disrupt the cellular structure of the fruits and vegetables. This eliminates oxidation to the juices, therefore, preserving the juice closest to its natural form.



The Build-Up

At first glance, the JuicePresso may look like any other centrifugal juicer and may even be mistaken for one. Like the Hurom Slow Juicer and the Omega Vert, the JuicePresso has the upright (vertical) build design that seems to have become the beginning of a new trend among gear juicers.

One advantage for the design is that you could put a glass beneath the spout to collect the juice, and serve immediately. No need to have to wash an extra collecting bowl as with the horizontal (low spout) design.

The auger is fat and roundish (see picture below), not like the long auger that we are so used to in other (horizontal) gear juicers. It has an even smaller footprint compared to the Hurom yet stable, a plus.

The auger fits nicely in the juicing chamber and does its crushing job efficiently. Before the pulp is being expelled, it gets a second pressing and further squeezed for maximum juice yield. The juice flows out from the spout in front and the pulp on the side. In this improved model, the self-cleaning silicon wiper blades go right to the bottom of the juicing chamber that makes it easy for clean-up later and reduces unsightly pigmentation stain.


From left (clockwise): Juicing chamber, self-cleaning wiper blades, GE Ultem gear, strainer.



All parts are made of non-toxic sturdy material that are easy to maintain. The auger is made using GE ultem, a material that has been approved as suitable for medical and food application. The manufacturer claims that it is 8x hardier than the auger of other single gear juicers. The choice of black color is an advantage as it reduces the unsightly pigmentation stain that is inevitable over long-term use.

You’ll be surprised with just how silent the operation really is, (at about 30 decibels) especially if you’re so used to those loud centrifugal juicers (more than 90 decibels). What a wonderful change!

The machine boasts of the smallest footprint among all gear juicers AND the lightest at only 4.5 kg (more portable), yet it is surprisingly stable.

The feed chute opening is about 2.25″ x 1.25″ so you will need to cut up your fruits lengthwise. For example, cut a cucumber or a carrot lengthwise into two pieces (instead of four with other gear juicers!). This saves your preparation time. Although a food pusher is provided, most things you put in will go down by self-feeding, effortlessly. Another time-saver!


Juice Quality and Juicing Efforts

I was initially skeptical about the juice quality, but at the end of my test, I’m glad to say that this juicer passed my test with flying colors.

I compared the juice quality and juicing efforts between the JuicePresso and a horizontal gear juicer. This is what I discovered:

  • The difference in juice yield is very minimal, almost negligible. With certain fruits, the juice yield was even higher with the JuicePresso.
  • Juices extracted using JuicePresso is a little more pulpy. This makes the juice tastes richer and more concentrated.
  • JuicePresso makes juicing seem so effortless. I love the self-feeding feature which really saves time and effort, instead of having to push the produce through the chute as compared to other horizontal gear juicers.
  • The wider feeding chute means more time-saving as fruits need not be cut into smaller pieces; makes the entire juicing process so much easier.
  • Like other gear juicers, the juice is stable and does not separate because the enzymes/nutrients are still intact. Possible to store in the fridge in air-tight containers to last at least 24 hours without it getting oxidized.


If you feel the pulp is not dry enough, put it into the chute again for another squeeze.


Gear juicers technology keeps getting better!
By flipping the juicing process from
horizontal to vertical
the JuicePresso saves your kitchen counter-top
space AND allowing the use of a larger
and more efficient auger.
You get more juice and you get it faster!


Notice how rich the color of the juice is and that it doesn’t separate, compared to the juice extracted using a centrifugal juicer.


I’ve also tested between the JuicePresso and a centrifugal juicer and find that the juice yield from JuicePresso could be as much as 50% more than that extracted from the centrifugal juicer. Imagine the cost-savings in the long run if you juice daily.

Due to the very fine screen, there is bound to be foam in the juice (although less foamy than a centrifugal juicer!). Just scoop the foam away, if you don’t like your juice to be foamy.

Like all well-made gear juicers, the JuicePresso saves you on purchasing organic produce as it can greatly help to minimize pesticides and chemicals in your juice. More cost-saving and definitely a healthier choice!

Here’s another comparison picture taken, when I juiced tomatoes using a centrifugal juicer and the JuicePresso. Notice how the juice separates and contains mainly water (no enzymes and nutrients) when extracted using the centrifugal. Whereas it’s stable when extracted using the JuicePresso due to its enzymes and nutrients still intact when using a low spinning method of extraction.


Notice how the juice separates and contains mainly water when extracted using a centrifugal juicer (right), compared to when extracted using the JuicePresso (left).


Easy Assembly and Washing Up

There are five parts to assembling a JuicePresso. Unlike the Hurom or Omega Vert, it comes only with one strainer with very fine screen. I was told that with the improved model, the screen is hardier than that of the first generation. This shows that the manufacturer is aware of the issue and has taken steps for improvement with this upgraded model.

The picture below is taken from the first generation, but the parts and assembly are basically the same:


This machine has a self-cleaning function that saves washing-up time. After juicing a carrot for example, you can pour in a glass of water and let it run and self-clean. Then go on to the next kind of juice, green vegetables for example, so that you don’t mix the color, taste and flavor. (Washing this way can be done with most gear juicers.)

I took apart all the parts in a jiffy and easily rinsed them under running water. There are no difficult-to-reach corners. It is so easy to wash up that it’s become a favorite to “lazy” people like me! (It takes about under 2 minutes to wash up once you’re familiar with it. A centrifugal takes about 5 minutes to wash up, sometimes more.)

It is very important when buying a juicer to choose one that is easy to wash-up. Juicers that are difficult to wash might just end up under your kitchen sink collecting dust.



Unlike the horizontal gear juicers, the JuicePresso functions mostly just as a juicer. If you want a multi-purpose machine for a lower price, go for the other gear juicer instead, like the Alpha Juicer or Green Power Juicer. There is no fancy 6-in-1 or 9-in-1 as you would like. This might be the only disadvantage with the JuicePresso.

The JuicePresso is currently available in Malaysia, at a voltage of 220V, suitable for Asian countries.

  • Model: CJP-01
  • Voltage: 220 V Frequency 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 150w (saves energy)
  • Speed: 40 RPM
  • Dimension: W140mm x D194mm x H306mm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Motor: Single-Phase induction type
  • Warranty: 7 years FULL warranty on motor
  • Includes one dual-stage screen, pulp extraction plugs, self-cleaning screen holder, one 40 oz. juicing cups, tamper, brush, and instruction manual


Look at this demonstration …

This video will run for about 4mins 55secs.


Conclusion — What I Like
  • Its vertical design. Yummy juice goes straight into the glass, save on extra washing of the collecting bowl.
  • Small footprint. Saves space on my crowded kitchen counter-top.
  • Light-weight. Easily portable to take with me when I travel.
  • Silent. Can do my juicing anytime of the day without worrying about bothering anybody.
  • Feeding chute is wider than the horizontal gear juicers. Saves time on cutting the produce in smaller pieces.
  • Self-feeding. Saves time and juicing is effortless.
  • Self-cleaning. Saves time with washing up and reduce unsightly pigmentation stain over time.
  • Superior juice quality. Juice actually tastes richer and more concentrated.
  • 7-year warranty. This workhorse has a 7-year FULL warranty on the motor.


Decide Today That You WANT To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Remember, at the end of the day, not only is this kitchen appliance easy and convenient to use, it will be your life-long faithful health companion, both for you and for your family.

Don’t look at this as a “kitchen appliance” but rather as an investment towards a healthier lifestyle. Definitely a small price to pay for good health. Don’t wait till it’s too late, prevention is better than cure. We all know that healthcare is SO EXPENSIVE these days, not to mention heart-breaking and inconvenient for you and everyone around you.



USA purchase (click here):

L’Equip Coway JuicePresso Vertical Juicer 

Hurom Slow Juicer | Omega Vert VRT330


A Healthier Lifestyle Is Just Clicks Away

Remember, you are taking the FIRST STEP towards healthier living. Whatever health issue you face, I believe there is help, BUT only if you make the effort to keep moving forward. The worst decision that you can ever make is to know what is good but DO NOTHING about it. THAT would be the beginning of deterioration.

I wish you well and would like to leave you with a saying by Thomas Carlyle:

“He who has health has hope. He who has hope has everything.”


From your friend,

All text on this page are originally researched and written by Sara Ding.

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