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Hi, I’m Sara, your friendly Health Coach.



Health Transformed

This site was set-up because of my passion for healthy living, after going through a rough patch with my health (and my life!)

Years ago, my health was deteriorating so bad because of malnutrition. Not because of the lack of food, but because of my poor choices of food that deprived my body of getting the necessary nutrients needed to stay healthy.

In my early thirties, I had developed many health problems. I was tired and needed to sleep all the time, as if my system was shutting down.

My bowel movements were irregular, my facial complexion looked dry and dull, the skin on my legs were dry and scaly, and my hair was falling out in chunks.

I experienced short-term memory loss, high level of cholesterol, hypothyroidism and low blood pressure. In short I was a total mess!

A visit to the family doctor proved to be in vain. He could not diagnose what was wrong with me except that I must be going through ‘work stress’. Some medication to cure the ‘work stress’ was prescribed and I was told to take them in order to alleviate my health problems.

As I sat at home that night and looked at the multitude of colored pills, a dreaded feeling went through me. Was I to depend on these pills to make me feel better again? Will I BE better again? I really needed to understand how I got to this low point and how I could get out of it without depending on medication that I knew nothing about.

To cut a long story short, I did my own research about my condition and read extensively. I began to see the light. Finally, I could put a name to my condition … it was called toxemia, a poisoning of the blood from poor choices of food resulting in excessive accumulation of toxins. Seemed silly then, but I was really THAT ignorant! It was like I found gold! I began to read about nutrition on the internet and bought many ‘big fat’ books on nutrition and devoured them cover to cover.


Freshly Extracted Juice is LIFE

I learned that drinking fresh juices was the best way to get the nutrients into our body fast and effectively, and we need them quick! I learned how our body system works, what the body needs to stay healthy. And even how some conditions may be reversed with proper nourishment.

I apply what I have studied. Initially, I bought a variety of fruits and vegetables weekly and experimented with the tastes, learned how to combine juices from various fruits and vegetables, and understand what they do to my health. I was my own best guinea pig and happy to learn first hand, the changes and improvements that were taking place in my body.

After faithfully drinking fresh juices of fruits and vegetables for some months, I saw remarkable improvements to my health, just like what the books say I would experience.

I began to feel less tired, needing much less sleep and feeling energetic most days. I no longer have non-bowel movement problem, my memory began to improve, and cholesterol level is steady.

Over time, with proper detox and nutrition, my blood pressure had normalized and I have no more thyroid problem. My hair doesn’t drop as much anymore and I see new hair growing. My facial complexion is glowing and the scaly skin on my legs is now smooth. My health had taken a 180 degree turnaround. Juicing is now my “health insurance”.

It was a long journey of a changed lifestyle, a better one, and I attribute my healing to the amazing wonder of natural healing foods provided by my Creator.

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Taking It A Step Further

I continually expanded my knowledge by taking up long-distance formal studies on nutrition and earned certification as a Nutritional Consultant from the Global College of Natural Medicine.

I completed my training as a Health Coach and received certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, USA.

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Featured:  In a major local newspaper, The Star (Malaysia).

Written and published a book through a major Malaysian publisher.

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