Why Mucus is Actually Crucial For Your Body 

It’s a conversation topic that most people don’t like to  talk about. However, it’s a very important bodily function. Mucus (also  known as snot, phlegm and catarrh) works as a lubricant, so to speak,  for the body.

The human body constantly creates mucus; however, you don’t notice it  most of the time because it is usually thin in consistency and thus  slides down the back of your throat and you never even know it was  there.

Production Of Mucus

However, there are times that your mucus will change in consistency, and  it is these times that you notice the production, and all you want to  do is get rid of it.

Foods That Create Mucus

– Milk and other dairy products – Red meat that has a high fat content – Alcohol – Gluten – Refined sugar

Mucus-Reducing Juice

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If after giving up the above mucus-causing food and you still have mucus  in your throat, where you often feel the need to have to clear the  throat, it could be a sign of an allergy to some other foods that you’re  eating.

Apigenin and quercetin are anti-inflammatory chemicals found in a range of herbs and spices, including celery. Gastric relaxation, a technical word for the natural movements your stomach makes when food travels through your gut.

Improves digestion