Kale Juice: One Of The Most Alkaline And Health-Boosting Juices 

There are certain foods and drinks in our diet that are not necessarily  harmful, but can cause complications if consumed on a daily basis. Some  of these foods and drinks include guilty pleasures like chocolate,  candy, sodas, wine, and even coffee.

Alkalinity refers to the acidic level in our body, more precisely, the pH or potential of Hydrogen level ranging from 0 to 14.

Why Is Alkalinity Important?

Anything under 7.34 means that our system is dealing with an acidic  condition which is not conducive to our health, and can be harmful and  damaging.

Kale Juice Is Alkaline And Packed With Nutrients And Antioxidants

Juicing certain fruits and vegetables is a great way to maintain a  healthy alkaline level, which will naturally boost your immune system  and contribute to your overall physical well-being. At the top of the  vegetable list is kale.

Kale’s Super Anti-Inflammatory Properties For Arthritis

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Kale is one of the many green vegetables that are rich in  anti-inflammatory agents that are beneficial for arthritis-related  ailments.

Kale is also rich in provitamin A carotenoid, which is an important  component for eye health. With a daily kale juice intake, you will not  have to worry about wearing glasses for a really long time.

Boosts Eye And Heart Health