Newborn Twins Who Don’t Realize They’ve Been Born Refuse To Stop Hugging One Another

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Sometimes everyone needs a hug. For these newborn twins, that seems to be exactly what they need.

Newborn Twins Hug In Baby Bath

A YouTube video shows newborn twins hugging in a delicious post-birth bath. They seem to not even realize they’re out of the womb. The unique bath is called a Thalasso baby bath and shows what life might be like in the womb. In a sink full of water, they wrap their arms around each other, hugging and floating in the arms and hands of an adult. Water streams over their little bodies, even over their faces at one point, and they are content and serene. The video is hard to stop watching. (1)

In 2013, TODAY Moms reported that the babies are a boy and a girl and were just a few days old when they enjoyed the bath. The mother declined to release their names to the public. (2)

Thalasso Baby Bath

Birth is an exciting moment for every person’s journey into parenthood. For the new little life, it is a shocking change from the womb to the outside world. And for parents, caring for a new little life is tremendously overwhelming.

It was this reason that Sonia Rochel, a French nurse, developed the Thalasso baby bath. To soothe a baby’s entry into the world, and to teach parents that bath time doesn’t have to be scary, strict, or all about hygiene.

Rochel, who developed the technique after years of working at the Clinique de Muette in France, gives just-born babies a warm bath with a steady, gentle flow of water over their head and eyes. She gently massages the babies without any creams, gels, or soaps and lets them relax in a lovely warm bath for 15 minutes. These conditions mimic the womb.

Part of the technique involves allowing water to flow over the babies’ eyes and faces while keeping their nose and mouth above water. Rochel warns parents not to attempt the technique at home. However, she does encourage parents to slow down at bath time and make it more of a restorative nighttime routine. (3)

Restorative Baby Bath

Rochel said she was trained as most nurses are to give babies a short bath after birth. She always wondered why they cried in the water. Someone is caring for them and they are being immersed back into the environment they are most familiar with. So why is it so hard for them? Then, she says, she started to notice gestures and movements. One day while in the shower, she realized how much she enjoyed the feeling of water streaming on her face and wondered how a baby might react. (3)

She started massaging the babies with the running water and noticed it made babies move as they did in the womb. She believes that babies need to still have a recollection, or be reminded, of their life before birth. Rochel says she always incorporates music into the technique and that 90% of babies are no longer crying after the bath. (3)

Quebec, Canada now has certified professionals who perform her technique. (4)

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