Juicing for Health eBooks

Introducing the fast and easy way to start a healthy juicing lifestyle with juice expert, Sara Ding’s eBooks.

eBook 1: The Healthy Pretty Happy Way to Juicing
Title: The Healthy Pretty Happy Way to Juicing (eBook 1)
Pages: 84
Author: Sara Ding
Description: Sara guides you step-by-step, to understanding why, even the foods you think are healthy are actually making you sick. She then shows you the fastest, and easiest way to start juicing for health and healing.
Price: $3.95
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This is an eBook written for those who are just beginning to learn about health and nutrition. This book is …

  • A perfect step-by-step guide for anyone new to juicing
  • A crash course on the basics of nutrition
  • Easy to read, no-nonsense, yet complete guide to the healthy lifestyle
  • You’ll learn… * Basic nutrition * Why you get sick * Why juicing is the fastest way to improve your health * The basics of juicing * What to look for when shopping for a juicer * To juice or to blend – which is for you? * Types of juicers and which is best for you * Juicer recommendations for a beginner * Tips on how to combine juices * Tips on storing your juices

eBook 2: 100 Healthy Pretty Happy Juice Recipes
Title: 100 Healthy Pretty Happy Juice Recipes (eBook 2)
Pages: 124
Author: Sara Ding
Description: Sara has collected 100 of her most delicious and nutritionally beneficial fruit and vegetable juice recipes in desktop, laptop and tablet friendly format. Just pop your tablet in your bag and take Sara shopping with you.
Price: $4.95
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  • Great tasting fruit and vegetable juice recipes
  • Contains purely juice recipes for many health conditions
  • Is NOT a smoothie recipes book
  • Plenty of green (diabetic friendly) recipes
  • Includes detox or juice fast/feast recipes
  • Recipes used by cancer patients
  • Learn the differences between juicing and blending
  • Tips on how to combine juices
  • Tips on storing your juices
  • Lots of juicing tips that make juicing a pleasure
  • Health tips to boost healing
  • Will make you want to juice EVERY DAY!

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The Juicing for Health eBooks
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“Both these books had tons of info and were quick reads. I’m a busy mom so that was HUGE.
I keep the recipe book on my cell phone and use it while shopping.
My kids even like these juices! BONUS! 🙂 We’re off to a healthier new year.”

~ Alicia Rivera Internet Mom-preneur ~

“The Healthy Pretty Happy Way to Juicing” confirmed some of my suspicions about diet.
When Sara began with the basics, with the importance of water and exercise,
I knew she was on the right track. This is no sales pitch, but a thoughtful, step by step guide to good health.
When I got to the recipes, I immediately jumped to the section on hyperthyroidism.
Sara not only provided a great 3-ingredient juice recipe, but also told me what foods to enjoy, and which to avoid.
I am just so thrilled to have gotten these publications. Thank you, Sara!

~ MaryAnn Lavender Poems ~

The Juicing for Health eBooks by Sara Ding

  • You will need an Adobe Reader
  • Display beautifully on iPad and iPad Mini (read in iBook); or any tablet that reads PDF document.
  • EASY to carry around in your handbag when you go grocery shopping or for discussing with your juicing buddies.
  • EASY way to keep your juicing recipes handy in the kitchen.

The contents in these eBooks are personally researched and written by Sara Ding. This eBook is NOT for resale.


If you have purchased either of the Healthy Pretty Happy Lifestyle Series eBooks I would be honored if you can share how these books have helped you, and happy for you to tell me what you would like to see in future editions.