Health Coaching Success Story – IBS Diarrhea, Candida Infections

Client: Wanda Baker, 33 – Clinical Psychologist

I coached Wanda* for three months, with the objectives of:

  • Identifying her health issues
  • Identifying possible causes of her daily diarrhea and how to stop them
  • Working with and teaching her to prepare and eat foods that are suitable for her health condition as she has a very sensitive digestive system
  • Working with her to eliminate Candida, yeast infections and reduce PMS symptoms
  • Empowering her to continue with her healing journey beyond three months, without a Health Coach.

* Not client’s real identity.


When Wanda first contacted me, she was working hard on keeping up with her FODMAP diet. The diet had many restrictions and she was confused at some point so she wrote to me. I was not familiar with the FODMAP diet but the few things that she said she was forbidden to eat were the very things that I thought she should eat for her health conditions.

I asked Wanda if she would like me to coach her with a much simpler diet that works. She agreed and hired me for three months. When we started, these were her health conditions and symptoms (in her own words):

I was diagnosed with IBS-D, digestive problems, which include diarrhea (loose stools), bloating, irritable bowel, gas and stomach cramps/pains, constant nausea. Some dizziness, acid reflux (especially after endoscopy). Sometimes there is numbness in my stomach area. Last two weeks I have been getting recurrent migraine with visual aura. I have extreme tiredness and it is hard to get up in the morning, no matter the amount of hours I’ve slept. Some days I feel extremely thirsty, and other days normal thirst. Over the last year I have encountered more intense PMS symptoms.”

At our first call, I got to know Wanda and her health conditions much better. Wanda shared that she loved to work-out at the gym but she could no longer do that as she feels tired all the time. Her social and work life were somewhat affected as she was hardly up to doing much due to her many symptoms.

Wanda and I spoke once every two weeks on Skype, and kept in touch by email between calls. Wanda kept me up-to-date with her progress and challenges so that I am kept in the loop of the changes that she was experiencing.

This was part of one of the emails Wanda sent me, two months into the program:

My stomach has been really stable and ok this past week. Even though I’ve been eating food outside. That always upsets it a bit, but nothing compared like a few months back. Which makes me feel really happy!

After three months of coaching, this is what Wanda shared (in her own words):

Client’s Side of Story

Why I hired Sara as my Health Coach …

When I stumbled upon and read Sara’s website, I found the information she posted to be very relevant and to the point. I felt really confident that this person knows what she is talking about, so when I had an issue with my FODMAP diet, I contacted her. And I’m so happy that I hired Sara as my Health Coach!

When I started the 3-month program, my wish (goals) was to be able to have a normal life. I had been struggling with a lot of stomach issues. If only I could have one day without having to constantly worry about how my stomach would react after a meal, it would have made me so happy and satisfied. I was daily suffering and tired of enduring these stomach issues.

Besides that, I wanted to train regularly but due to low energy I wasn’t able to train as much as I would have liked. I wished to be rid of my stomach issues and be healthy again.

Sara was able to help me work toward these goals by …

Regularly monitoring my progress. At the beginning and throughout the whole program, Sara has been available for me at all times, with various suggestions, cheering me up or just checking-in on me. This follow-up has been absolutely amazing and it made me feel confident that I’m in “good hands”.

Sara has a wide knowledge about health issues and know how to boost health. The best of all has been her willingness to find alternatives for foods, supplements, etc. to suit my lifestyle.

The biggest breakthrough/s I have noticed since beginning the program was …

When I realized the importance of eating clean (no preservatives, sugar, additives, processed foods, etc.) and the impact of it on my overall well-being. I stopped having migraines, diarrhea, stomach cramps/upsets and able to have deep, restful sleep every night. Those alone gave me so much hope to heal fully of my many health issues!

How I feel after three months into the program …

I feel amazing! I cannot believe how much we have accomplished in so little time. If I had contacted Sara earlier, I would have spared myself so much pain!  Now, my situation is reversed. I not only have days, but weeks without having to worry about stomach problems, and it is an awesome feeling!

I have more energy now and have gone back to training at my local gym. My social life has also improved as I am able to go out more without having to worry about running to the washroom all the time.

What I think of Sara …

I can say a lot about Sara, but I will just choose these words to describe Sara:

She is very kind, really wise and non-judgmental. All the best qualities of a health caregiver.

What I like about the sessions with Sara are that …

They have a structure (and they even started before the session). Sara made sure that I came prepared to our sessions, by asking me or giving me simple tasks. When we talk, even though we may have agreed on a topic, she is flexible enough to listen to what I have to say and often gave me good suggestions to overcome my challenges.

What I like most about the program is that I get a written summary from Sara after each talk. This helps a lot, because even though I write my own notes while we talked, I tended to overlook details or small things. On top of that, she even wrote more tips and suggestions in the summary that I could easily follow.

I highly recommend Sara to be anyone’s Health Coach!  This is my first experience with a health coach on Skype, and it has been great! Sara has an awesome range of recipes and information both on her website and her Facebook page!

Thank you, Sara!


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