Health Coaching Success Story – Hypertension, Diabetes And Digestive Issues

Client: Vivian Chowdry, 58 – Customer Service

I coached Vivian* for three months, with the objectives of:

  • Identifying her health issues
  • Identifying possible causes of her abdominal pain
  • Helping her to eat better in order to lower her hypertension and blood sugar levels, naturally
  • Helping her to improve and strengthen her immune system
  • Empowering her to continue with her healing journey beyond three months, without a Health Coach

* Not client’s real identity.


When Vivian first contacted me, these were her health conditions and symptoms (in her own words):

I’m a breast cancer survivor. Had a lumpectomy done in 2009. At the end of 2017, I discovered that I have high blood pressure. Diabetes is currently at 6.4 after being at 5.9 for a long time. I have blurry vision, tingling in left arm, ring finger and thumb, pinched nerve in neck area, cervical arthritis, pain in the abdomen, bloating, gas, digestive issues since childhood. I have excessive sweating in the armpit from young that causes me embarrassment.

Vivian had approached me about her main concern: high blood pressure and diabetes. Her family doctor had put her on several medications for both her conditions: Metformin, Gliclazide, Ramipril and Atenolol and two other meds for cholesterol.

She thought she was eating mostly healthy, so she couldn’t understand the onset of these diseases. There is a strong history of stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes in the family.

Vivian had an abdominal pain that particularly concerned her and she had mentioned this a few times during our consultation. Her sleep pattern was not satisfactory and she often woke up in the night to visit the bathroom. (This was an indication of a kidney issue that we were able to resolve.)

We spoke every week for the first month over Skype, where I explained and educated her about healthy eating, while taking her through a gastrointestinal and parasite cleanse. She wanted fast results and was willing to do anything. I introduced coffee enema to her for accelerated healing and she was diligent in keeping up the routine, despite her long and demanding work hours.

From the second month onwards, she had a very good understanding of the program and was eating way better. Her sleep had improved significantly, her abdominal pain was much reduced and by the end of the program, she was happy that there was no more pain.

I recommended a simple armpit detox and she was thrilled that the excessive sweating that she had been suffering for decades had stopped!

After three months of coaching, this is what Vivian has to say (in her own words):

Client’s Side of Story

Why I hired Sara as my Health Coach …

Sara was highly recommended by a dear friend and she lived up to our expectations. She was always available and took time to address our concerns and provided a lot of references to manage the program. The supplements recommended were of high quality. I love her juices and her recommendations on the juicer, and the vegetable juice recipes that helped me immensely in bringing my health back to balance.

My top three goals upon starting the 3-month program were:

  1. To lower my blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  2. To stop taking medications for my health conditions
  3. To heal my digestive issues – gas, bloating and IBS

Sara was able to help me attain these goals by:

  • Taking time to listen, understand and explaining her program step-by-step.
  • Helping and coaching me all the way on what to expect, and how to overcome every obstacle that arises along the way.
  • What I liked most was that she helped and allowed me to prepare mentally and physically for the procedures every step of the way.

The biggest breakthrough I noticed after beginning the program:

Just about a week or two into the program, I felt a certain calm in my gut and my mind that I hadn’t felt for a long time. I was happy to know that I’m now in control of my life and will be able to overcome the helpless feeling of being on medications as my life sentence!

Two months into the program, I’m feeling really good and healthy.

The most important thing that I learned from Sara is …

Discipline and commitment to my health. Sara taught me that my healing should come first before anything else. She was often there to encourage and cheer me on.

The most emotional moment for me during the program …

Was when I went off the diabetes and cholesterol medication after my blood tests had returned normal. My Ayurvedic doctor had declared that my body is now balanced and that my body’s three doshas are in equilibrium.

Towards the end of the program, I was even able to stop two of my hypertension medications and my blood pressure was normal. This was due to Sara gently pushing me to work with my doctor to wean off the medications.

What I like about the sessions with Sara:

  • She is very prompt and always well prepared at our sessions.
  • Her desire to help me reach my health goals.
  • She is so passionate and shared my joy in every accomplishments.

At the time of writing this testimonial, I am happy that many of my childhood-buried health issues were addressed and resolved. The digestive issues I had experience since childhood were gone, no more gas and bloating. I no longer experience excessive sweating in the armpits that I have had since young. My abdominal pain is gone.

I would describe Sara as helpful, knowledgable, affable and articulate!

I would recommend anyone to hire Sara because she will work with you all the way, and her detox program works immensely. You will never have to feel that you’re alone on this scary journey of uncertainty.


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