Health Coaching Success Story – Allergies, Eczema, Poor Health

Client: Sylvia Tan, 43 – Engineer

I coached Sylvia* for three months, with the objectives of:

  • Identifying her health issues
  • Identifying possible causes of her allergies and skin problems
  • Working with her to use the right juice ingredients tailored specifically for her condition
  • Teaching her the foods to avoid, and include in her diet
  • Teaching her that her intelligent body can heal by itself when fed the right foods
  • Empowering her to continue with her healing journey beyond three months, without a Health Coach

* Not client’s real identity.


When Sylvia first contacted me, these were her health conditions and symptoms (in her own words):

Facial skin irritation/patches/rashes/pigmentation/eczema/redness (more rashes and irritation when exposed to sun or in enclosed area), flushing easily, backache, insomnia, constipation, dandruff, knee ache, headache, bad breath, poor eye sight, premature grey hair, breathless, loss of memory, not able to focus, stiff shoulder, fatigue, feeling thirsty day and night.”

We spoke every two weeks, either in person, on phone, or over Skype to keep up-to-date on Sylvia’s health and diet progress. At each meeting, we introduced two to three new items onto her to-do list. At every meeting, I would also share and explain the basics of healthy-living. Sylvia would also have a long list of questions about her health issues that we run through at the meeting so that she understood what is happening in her body.

After three months of coaching, this is what Sylvia has to say (in her own words):

Client’s Side of Story

Why I hired Sara as my Health Coach …

When I first wrote to Sara Ding, she was already a well-respected expert in her specific field of specialization – juicing. In fact, when I first approached her, her Juicing for Health movement on Facebook already had 500,000 Likes. After three months of coaching, that number had ballooned to 761,000 Likes!

I had exhausted nearly all avenues of my search and research for a cure to my condition – both using Western and Alternative means. What I had not tried yet, was to trust in my body’s own ability to heal itself and to return to the basics of my ailment – or its cause. That was what Sara presented to me – a natural way to explore/examine and treat myself.

In short, it was her reputation, her knowledge that drew me to seek help from her. Later, as I was pleasantly surprised to discover, her genuinely caring and calming bedside manner made me realize what a very good decision I had made.

My top three goals upon starting the 3-month program were:

  1. To discover more about my body, especially its weaknesses, shortcomings and wanting to understand the root cause of my ailments.
  2. To learn how to directly treat my ailments and symptoms though natural means.
  3. To strengthen my overall well-being and attain a high level of health such that it would be resistant or well-positioned against any form of threats, allergies, pathogens, virus and bacterial infections and the like.

Sara was able to help me attain these goals by:

  • Being a patient and good listener. She did not immediately diagnose nor decide on how to treat me, nor conclude on what was wrong with me. She took the time to know me and to understand the condition and more importantly my lifestyle and overall being first. When she felt ready, then we began to talk more about the condition – but even so, we took baby steps adjusting and changing until it was perfect.
  • Never giving up. Sara has a very amicable nature – easy to talk to and such a nice person. However, beneath that exterior lies a very determined individual who genuinely devoted herself to the betterment of others. I wrote to her every night and we kept close touch via email, phone, text messages and so on. She never gave up, never missed a check-in, never stopped engaging with me and as a result, I did not give up too. I truly believed that my condition was curable and the fact that I had someone like Sara looking after me gave me the confidence and strength to carry on and progress.
  • Being truly highly knowledgeable and experienced, as I mentioned earlier, Sara is an expert in her own field long before I knew her. This experience allowed her not only to suggest concoctions of juices that were specifically formulated for my condition but she also walked me through the entire process – letting me know what to expect and what was out of the ordinary – both of us then adjusting, changing, adding and removing until the dosage and ingredients to my juices were perfect.

The biggest breakthrough I noticed after beginning the program is:

Simply being able to step out into the sun and not break into rashes and itchy patches of skin. It was a liberating feeling.

After only two months into the program, my skin was able to readapt itself again to sunlight. I no longer break out into difficult, irritating and itchy red patches on my face and body as I did before. An added bonus is that I am now much more healthier, much more energetic and much more dynamic than I was before I started the program with Sara Ding.

The most emotional moment for me …

The most emotional moment for me during the program, was when Sara told me that it would take time for me to be cured and that she knew what was wrong with me. This gave me hope when all else had failed – and she delivered.

What I think of Sara …

I would describe Sara as someone who is driven by a genuine desire to serve people who are less fortunate than her. That is her core quality, and she tirelessly leads people to a better and healthier future based on this principle. She draws strength and determination from this belief and exudes a quiet confidence which is borne from years of experience and knowledge. Sara is the ideal personality for any candidate as a natural healer. Her personality is soothing and calming. Simply said – she was born to heal.

What I like about the sessions with Sara:

  • The comfort of knowing that she is experienced in what she’s doing.
  • The confidence that she exudes when teaching me how to manage any issues. This in turn gave me confidence to adjust and/or try something new.
  • The strength of her commitment which helps me stay focused and on-track knowing that someone is monitoring my progress.

I would recommend anyone who has a genuine desire to seek natural approach to treating their ailments and health issues to seek out Sara Ding.


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