Health Coaching Success Story – Digestive Issues, Fatigue, PMS And Weight Loss

Client:  Sonia Cruz, 31 – Management Consultant

I coached Sonia* for three months, with the objectives of:

  • Identifying possible causes of her digestive issues and fatigue that she was experiencing
  • Helping her to stop all aches, pains and inflammations in the body
  • Helping her to reduce or eliminate severe PMS symptoms
  • Educating her to eat better for weight loss
  • Helping her to improve and strengthen her immune system
  • Empowering her to continue with her healing journey beyond three months, without a Health Coach

* Not client’s real identity.


When Sonia first contacted me, these were her health condition and symptoms (in her own words):

I’m overweight, difficult to wake up in the morning, have tight calves and cramping feet after a workout, eye twitches under lower lash line, mild headaches occasionally when I drink coffee in the evening, swelling around my ankles toward the end of the day if I don’t drink enough water during the day, or when travelling on long flights.

I experience gas, bloating in the week leading up to my period, occasional constipation and diarrhea triggered by food consumed (i.e. too much refined carbs or greasy fast food).

I want to lose weight, feel energetic and healthy again, and treat my skin acne.

Together, we worked out her health goals as follows:

  • Get all internal organs functioning well – digestive system, liver, gallbladder
  • Stop fatigue – want to have more energy again
  • Stop all aches, pains and inflammations
  • Weight loss

Sonia works a very demanding job as a management consultant. She leaves her house early for work, works long hours and is required to travel occasionally. She often has to eat out for lunch which included fast foods. When travelling, she often ended up staying in hotels without a kitchen and finding eating healthy difficult.

She admitted that she craves carbs and salty fried foods. Interestingly, after a month into the program, she had lost her cravings for high-carbs and fast foods.

At the end of the 3-month program, although we had not yet achieve the required weight that she wanted to lose, we had set her on the right track to continue doing what she needed to do to achieve her goals.

All her aches, pains, inflammations, gas, bloating, PMS symptoms are gone. She sleeps better, has better skin, feels lighter, lost inches and more importantly feels healthier and much more energetic!

Sonia is eating way better, prepares her own food that she loves, and learned to make the right food choices that will continue to help her in her healthy journey.

After three months of coaching, this is what Sonia has to say (in her own words):

Client’s Side of Story

I first heard about Sara from a family friend who had experienced a lot of success in achieving her health goals through her. I had been toying with the idea of doing a serious detox/cleanse for a while but was not sure how to do it “right”, so the timing of the introduction couldn’t have been better.

Even before our first appointment, Sara took the time to get to know me through detailed questionnaires about where I was at and where I wanted to go and it reflected in the personalized advice I received tailored to my specific issues and goal.

Every session that followed would revisit my stated objectives and issues and gauge progress or course correct as required.

What I liked best about working with Sara is that she viewed each appointment as a teachable moment. At our very first appointment, Sara said that her goal was to make sure she equipped me with the right tools so that by the end of three months I wouldn’t need her anymore. That really stuck with me.

I also really appreciated Sara’s practical and flexible approach. With uncertain work hours and commitments, it was a huge help to be able to move weekly appointments around, being able to meet with Sara over Skype made it that much easier!

Sara did a great job of adding new things in phases, so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed and had time to adjust and experiment with what worked best for me. She also always provided several options but was honest about what would work best: “You can do it the easy way or the hard way, the hard way is best, the easy way takes longer”.

By the end of our 3-month program, my energy had increased dramatically, my sleep couldn’t be better and my skin looked amazing. I also felt lighter and less bloated.

I still have a long way to go on my journey towards a healthier me, but the three months with Sara set me up with a really strong foundation and understanding of how to course correct along the way.

If you are looking to make a change and learn how to listen to what your body is telling you and feed it with the nourishment it craves, I highly recommend Sara – the results will speak for themselves!


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