Health Coaching Success Story – Blastocystis Hominis Infection

Client: Shaun Valdez, 24 – Gaming Programmer

Shaun* contacted me, asking if I could help him get rid of a parasite that has been bothering him for the past three years. Although I had never ever heard of the parasite at the time, I told him that we could get him better.

I soon learned about the unique characteristics of this parasite – Blastocystis hominis – and we were able to work together to completely rid him of this infection.

Shaun had contracted this parasite during one of his travels and had been suffering for three years until he contacted me. He was prescribed various antibiotics by his doctor but his symptoms had gotten worse with many other symptoms to top it off.

* Not client’s real identity.

These were Shaun’s health condition and symptoms when he contacted me (in his own words):

“When I got back from my travel three years ago, I was feeling really bad. I was really struggling and felt awful. After doing a series of tests, we found out that I had a Blastocystis hominis infection. I had bloating, nausea, diarrhea, gas, light headedness and just felt very bad in general. Over the years, the symptoms have gotten worse and i now have acid reflux on top of it all.

I have muscle and joint pain at times. I’ve become allergic to dust, dogs, cats, hay fever, and stuff like deodorant, perfumes, hair spray and so on.

I’m unable to live a normal life and enjoy my diet. I want to get rid of them and get back to what I used to be.”

Shaun is a young man and due to his work, he often has to stay up late at night that made his situation worse. Drinking alcohol further aggravated his symptoms. Such were some of the characteristics of this menacing parasite.

During the course of the health coaching program, Shaun had to adjust his lifestyle and learned to eat better, in order to be relieved of some of his severe symptoms.

After three months of personal health coaching with me, this is his report:

Client’s Side of Story

Back then I was always searching the internet for help with my gut and parasite issue. I wasn’t exactly looking for a coach or someone to help me at the time, but given I have a pretty open mind I became interested in the coaching Sara does and decided to contact her.

After having the first call with Sara I could instantly tell that she has a very warm heart, confidence and the will to do everything in her power to help others and in that case me. After this initial call I felt pretty confident to move forward with the program and try the things that she was suggesting.

My top three goals upon starting the 3-month program were:

  1. To become a healthier person and understand more about the body and gut.
  2. Never have to worry about stomach issues again and be able to live a normal life.
  3. Get back to eating whatever I want even though it would be with the goal of maintaining a healthy diet.

Sara was able to help me work towards these goals:

Sara showed a lot of desire to help me by always suggesting new things and going out of her way to answer whatever ridiculous questions I could come with at any time.

I would message her on Skype about something really basic, and she would very quickly respond to me. I really appreciated that at the time, as I was such a newbie when it came to all the gut-related issues.

The biggest breakthrough I experienced was when …

I got rid of the parasites and started to be able to live a life where I wasn’t constantly feeling bad after eating food that I liked. I completely changed my diet and learnt a lot of small tricks here and there, that have now changed my life forever and that I continue to use in my every day life.

During the program I failed a few times, but she didn’t give up on me and encouraged me to keep going when things were tough.

Some of the major things I learned from doing this detox program:

I was introduced to a lot of different foods and things I weren’t eating before I met Sara that made me a lot healthier.

I also learned simple basic things such as not drinking water around meal times, that I think helped me a lot with my issues with acid reflux. I also learnt how to do some interesting cleanses that helped me a lot especially at the start.

Most importantly I learned how to finally put my health first before work, even though I didn’t manage that during the program. I wouldn’t have made my health a priority, had I not been coached by Sara.

After one month into the program …

I felt good and things were going in a very positive direction. There were some big improvements already during that short period of time.

The most emotional moment for me …

Was when I did a stool test and saw there were no more parasites! That was a huge game changer for my whole life and made me very, very happy.

What I like about the sessions with Sara:

She is very genuine, happy and prepared for the sessions, which made it easy to talk about my situation and allowing me to get the most out of them. She was also very understanding the few times I was late for the session, which was nice of her.

Six months after the program …

I feel like a completely changed person forever, and so fortunate to now be aware of so many things I wasn’t, just half a year ago!

I would recommend Sara …

She is positive, genuine, caring, happy, smart and understanding.

I highly recommend the program, because Sara does it from her heart and is very fair when it comes to how much time she puts into helping you. She goes the extra mile and really cares about you, which to me meant everything at the time.

I wish everyone who decides to go for Sara’s program, the best of luck and that they continue to believe and push through the hard times even though it isn’t always easy. You are working with the best of the best so you can finally be confident in amazing changes possible of happening if you just allow yourself to believe.

Thank you Sara!


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