Health Coaching Success Story – Chronic Sinusitis, Allergies, Weight Loss

Client: Ruby Deepak, 37 – Customer Service

I coached Ruby* for three months, with the objectives of:

  • Identifying her health issues
  • Identifying possible causes of her allergies
  • Alleviating her sinusitis caused by mucosal thickening
  • Teaching her the foods to avoid, and include in her diet to reduce her severe sinusitis
  • Helping her to improve and strengthen her immune system
  • Eliminating/reducing dust and cold allergy in her surroundings and improving lung health
  • Empowering her to continue with her healing journey beyond three months, without a Health Coach

* Not client’s real identity.


When Ruby first contacted me, these were her health conditions and symptoms (in her own words):

Major issue with dust and cold allergy. Non-stop sneezing from early morning to night. Nose has become crooked and causing breathing difficulty. Doctor said it is caused by ‘mucosal thickening’ and I was to undergo a nasal bone surgery. I have jaundice since young and kidney stones at 20. Other symptoms were constipation, PMS, urinary tract infections, sugar cravings. I also want to lose 20kgs.

Ruby was a family friend and had approached me about her main concern: Chronic sinusitis. She was due for a nasal bone surgery when we were about to start the health coaching program. I told her to postpone the surgery and let me work with her for three months to get rid of the sinusitis.

Ruby’s sinus was inflamed and sore, causing swelling in the sinus cavity that had forced her nasal bone to be crooked. Her breathing was severely affected and she had difficulty sleeping in the night, sneezing throughout the day, and was experiencing a lot of discomfort. She was ready to go for the surgery to get rid of the problem.

We spoke every every week for the first month over Skype, to keep up-to-date on her health and diet progress. At our first meeting after doing a thorough assessment on her health, I saw the problem in her diet and discussed it with her. She immediately eliminated a few offensive foods from her diet as I suggested to her.

At our second meeting, she was very encouraged that her sneezing had stopped and was able to sleep well for the first time in years!

After three months of coaching, this is what Ruby has to say (in her own words):

Client’s Side of Story

Why I hired Sara as my Health Coach …

I was suffering a severe allergic problem due to which doctor had suggested me to undergo a nasal bone surgery. At that time, I told Sara about my condition and she suggested to me that the nasal bone deformity was not something I was born with nor was it an injury, thus can be corrected.

She asked if I wanted her to help me improve my health and avoid surgery. I was eager and hired her on the spot!

My top three goals upon starting the 3-month program were:

  1. To stop my allergy that had caused my nasal bone to become crooked and had needed surgery.
  2. To lose 20kgs.
  3. To learn to eat better.

Sara was able to help me attain these goals by:

  • Listening to my health problems and helping me understand why I had sinusitis that was causing me to sneeze so much. Just by eliminating certain drinks and foods from my diet, I saw immediate improvement within the first week!
  • Teaching me how to do a gastrointestinal cleanse that was one of the best things that helped me become more regular and also made me feel lighter.
  • Teaching me how to prepare my own food, and how to choose healthier foods over what I had been eating that had all contributed to my poor health.

The biggest breakthrough I noticed after beginning the program:

After our first meeting, Sara immediately identified the offending foods in my diet that although I craved, were causing my misery. She explained to me why I had to stop eating them, and offered healthier alternatives. I did what she advised and for the first time in years, my sneezing actually stopped and I could breathe well. Even my mother noticed that my voice sounded smoother!

The most emotional moment for me …

The most emotional moment for me during the program, was when Sara confidently told me that I didn’t need the nasal bone surgery. After our first meeting, I was happy that she gave me some hope. I was eager to start the program and was amazed that my sneezing had stopped almost overnight after implementing what she suggested to me!

What I think of Sara …

I would describe Sara as the BEST health coach I have ever met, even though she was the ONLY health coach I have ever met!

What I like about the sessions with Sara:

  • That she was confident about my healing and that I didn’t need the nasal bone surgery.
  • That she always explained to me about the benefits of the diet that she was recommending. She motivated me and cheered me on even when I was feeling down sometimes when I had become “lazy” to eat properly.
  • That she always follow-up our calls with detailed diet plan with useful links for me to understand better what she was explaining. She suggested recipes that were easy to follow.

At the time of writing this testimonial, I am happy that I don’t have to undergo the nasal bone surgery, my allergy problem is cured 90%! Even though our 3-month coaching program is over, Sara had taught me so much that I am now able to continue doing what she had taught me.

I had lost some weight, although not 20kgs, but Sara told me that I had to work on my health first and weight loss will follow. Now, my body feels lighter and I am more active.

I would recommend anyone to hire Sara because she knows her stuff!! Thanks a lot, Sara, for changing my life. God bless you always!


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