Health Coaching Success Story – Severe Eczema, Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Client:  Dr Theresa Thean, 41 – Cancer Surgeon

I coached Dr Theresa Thean* for three months, with the objectives of:

  • Helping her to reduce her stress level and achieve a work-life balance
  • Teaching, guiding and supporting her through a complete detox program by using coffee enema
  • Working with her to continue detoxing and nourishing using juices
  • Working with her to rebuild her intestinal flora health
  • Teaching her to take the right supplements that were targeted for her health issues
  • Teaching her to prepare her own healthy meals that she can share with her family
  • Empowering her to continue with her healing journey beyond three months, without a Health Coach

* Not client’s real identity.


When Dr Theresa first contacted me, these were her health conditions and symptoms (in her own words):

Topical steroid withdrawal (TSW), eczema, intense itchiness when I sweat or am emotionally affected, very dry skin which flakes, insomnia, poor bowel movements, frequent urination, severe childhood asthma and chronic fatigue.”

I first met Dr Theresa in-person when she flew into my city just to meet with me. I like to meet my clients in person so that I know who I am coaching. From then we spoke every two weeks, either by phone or over Skype. Dr Theresa read about Gerson Therapy on my website and was very keen to do the program. I recommended her to do the “Detoxification and Rejuvenation Program” using coffee enema and juicing, and took her through the program, step-by-step.

Despite her very busy and demanding schedule, Dr Theresa was very diligent and determined in doing the program. Although she has a house helper, she was careful to personally prepare her own daily juice fix. We worked together to refine the best juice menu for her health condition, tweaking and changing them to perfection.

After three months of personal health coaching, this is what Dr Theresa has to say (in her own words):

Client’s Side of Story:

I was in the midst of going through a midlife crisis while healing from severe bad eczema i.e. TSW (topical steroid withdrawal) for about a year.

It was difficult having to juggle a demanding full-time job, being a wife and mother, and doing voluntary work. I realized I needed to slow down, detox and get a good grip of my health that I have been neglecting.

I started juicing and during my search I came across Juicing for Health by Sara Ding. I was impressed with her website and Facebook page. I read all that she had to share about juicing that I found very useful and simple to understand. I bought her ebooks and got in contact with her to learn more.

We spoke quite a bit and I shared with her my deteriorating health condition. She shared that she was also a health coach and offered to help support and guide me through my healing phase. Thus she was hired!

Sara was very professional and knowledgeable. She didn’t rush me through the program although I was so eager to start and try out all sorts of detox therapy.

We spoke about my goals and I had to do some homework to delve into what positive and negative goals that I wanted to work on. That was difficult as my mind was so busy with my external life that I never stop to think about myself … yes MYSELF.

My main goals for wanting to start the 3-month health coaching program were …

  • to have my skin heal from the inflammation and itchiness from eczema
  • to have good and quality sleep
  • to overcome constipation
  • to consciously eat healthily
  • to have a better work-life balance

Although we were a distant away, we met in-person during our first two formal sessions to get to know each other better while the rest of the sessions were through skype and emails.

Sara was very flexible and accommodating with her time. She was very attentive, a good listener and suggested what was necessary. She definitely wasn’t pushy nor rushed me to try out the various treatments. She walked me through each phase slowly which helped me gained my confidence in going through the detox.

I was diligent in carrying out the program and definitely noticed a positive change when I started the gastrointestinal cleanse regime as well as the coffee enema.

The first change that I noticed was daily bowel movements. After my first coffee enema, I felt a sense of lightness in me and radiance in my face, just as Sara said I would experience. Even my husband and house helper noticed that.

The most significant moment of the 3-month program was when I realized I didn’t itch as much from eczema. I was euphoric and beamed with delight on this newfound therapy and my very supportive health coach. With that positive effect, I was more confident and determined to complete the rest of the program.

After two months into the program, although my main goals were not achieved (not within her capacity), I actually felt healthier and did not feel drained even after working long hours.

I have more energy especially when I followed the routine more regularly and diligently. Health-wise, the inflammation from the eczema subsided although the itch still persists on and off. Overall, it’s definitely much more manageable and the itchiness was reduced by 70-80%.

As an avid Juicing Consultant and Health Coach, Sara displays adequate and sound knowledge in guiding me through my treatment. She was very supportive and encouraging especially when I was too busy to continue my detox due to my busy work schedule. She encouraged me to persevere as I later realized that before I can achieve a work-life balance, I need to balance my health and work.

I highly recommend Sara Ding to those who needs the extra boost for guidance and support when going through the difficult healing period.

Update: 6 months after coaching sessions ended:

I have continued juicing daily and putting in more effort into my healing, now that I know how and what to do. I have healed so much that it’s amazing! My skin has improved so much, no more flaking, no redness, and itchiness is 95% gone. Only a small patch of stubborn spot left.


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