Corporate Wellness and Speaking Engagements

Be an employer who cares—empower your employees to live healthier, happier and more productive lives by equipping them with powerful and up-todate nutrition information.


I once worked in a corporate world, where I held a very demanding job. Working in an international management consulting firm, I saw how co-workers worked very long hours and neglected their meals, health and family life, while juggling a very demanding schedule.

I understand the benefits to an organization when its employees are happy and healthy. Today’s professionals are in need of health and wellness, more than ever before. Employees who are happier and healthier will yield higher productivity, focus, lower health care costs and reduce employee absenteeism.

As your Corporate Wellness Coach, I can work with your HR team to devise a program that fits your corporate culture. I offer speaking, educational workshops and group coaching as your organization requires.

Public health talk. See more images.

Corporate wellness talk.

Public health talk at a hospital. See more images.

Voluntary health talk at a church ministry.


Choose from a variety of relevant topics or create your own.

  • Juicing for Health Talk (with Juicing Demo)
  • Eating for Sustained Energy and Focus
  • Smart Nutrition for Busy Professionals

Contact me to discuss your organization’s unique needs and our program pricing.

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