7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Quality Of Life

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7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Quality Of Life
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It’s no secret that in the past year, everyone’s quality of life has taken a sharp turn. What was once normal is now foreign and old, and a “new normal” is quickly taking over. Reduced travel, social distancing, wearing masks, higher-than-normal levels of sanitation and personal hygiene care… it’s all affected us in different ways.

There are, however, 7 quite easy ways to keep your quality of life positive and also feel good doing it. These ways range from the way you sit and stand all the way to rest and relaxation.

Proper Nutrition

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It has become increasingly easy to take the short route during these days of working from home. Instead of prepping and cooking well portioned meals, it’s much easier to throw a frozen dinner into the microwave, or ordering out for delivery, and go back to finishing up your work day. This has led to a decrease in nutritional variety, and which has a knock-on effect of causing dietary needs to fall out of balance.

Of course, juicing is one way to maintain proper nutrition. Vegetable and fruit juices often contain high levels of antioxidants, vital nutrients, and raw minerals. 

Getting Enough Vitamins & Minerals

Apart from juicing, however, it is quite important to keep the daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals as steady as possible. In some cases, due to reduced availability of some items in grocery stores, this may have to be done via supplements. In most cases, however, taking the time to prepare and/or cook a good meal for each of the daily big three (breakfast, lunch, supper) will both make you feel better, as you made the meal, as well as provide more essential vitamins and minerals due to the food being less processed.


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This is one that can easily slip by, and let’s be honest here, we’ve all had those days where sliding down into a comfortable slouch in our chairs has happened without even thinking about it. Yet, proper posture is important in spinal health, as well as preventing possible chronic issues. This also applies to standing and walking. You may find yourself hunched forwards, shoulders pulled forwards, and leaning into your work or activities. Taking time every hour to assess your posture, giving your shoulders a forwards/up/back/down roll to release tension, and a few seconds of stretching can work wonders in keeping your posture correct.

Comfortable Footwear

If you must travel somewhere, such as the doctor’s office, work, or to the grocery store, proper footwear cannot be emphasized enough. Taking the time to find the right footwear can help align your entire body for optimal posture. You can look stylish and still love walking in comfortable booties like these, for example. We all know what it’s felt like when a shoe doesn’t fit just right, and your ankle, then knee, then hip and lower back, start to hurt because of it. Proper and comfortable footwear helps reduce these strains and raise your quality of life.


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The one thing we all wish we could get more of, but is in and of itself vital to human health. Proper sleep has many benefits, from allowing your mind to properly “shut down” consciousness to allow vital subconscious aspects of memory and focus to be prepared, to boosting the strength of your immune system. Combined with a proper diet and good posture, sleep is one of the most important aspects of raising your quality of life, as it is literally how we spend a good third of our lives. If it wasn’t necessary, we wouldn’t require as much sleep as we do.


A cup of water being poured
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At both times the easiest and the hardest quality of life aspect to control. We’ve all heard that between 3 to 4 liters of water a day is vital to keeping properly hydrated, yet many people drink far less than that. It is easy to be willing to drink that much, but how many times have we all become so involved in our tasks that time seems to slip by? Setting reminders, alarms on our smartphones, or having a hydration reminder website up can help greatly, and it is amazing how simply keeping properly hydrated will make you feel, both physically and mentally.


Challenging in a COVID world, many government health agencies have recognized the vital importance of getting sunlight exposure every day. This is why, in the UK, despite being in a very tight lockdown, citizens are allowed to take walks around their blocks for both exercise and to get sunlight. The vital part of exposure is that it is how your body naturally produces vitamin D, one of the core building blocks of proper health. As well, the brightness of the sun and, surprisingly, color of the sun also triggers the release of chemicals in our brains that help promote focus and alertness, as for tens of thousands of years, the sun was the only light by which we could hunt, gather, work, and play.

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