10 Cancer-Linked Foods You Should Never Put in Your Mouth Again

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Eating healthy is not always top of mind for everyone. However, when you consider you can help reduce your odds of diseases, including cancer, it’s funny more people don’t jump on the healthy eating bandwagon. While we all have our food weaknesses and cravings, it’s good to know there are some basic diet rules that not only keep you healthier but also reduce your risk for cancer. Here are 10 cancer-linked foods we should all avoid in our diets. (1)

1. Food Sold in BPA Lined Cans

I’ve heard of this one often, so now buy my “canned” tomatoes at a nearby farm. They store theirs in jars which makes them not only healthy but convenient. But what exactly is BPA? It is bisphenol-A, a material used to create hard plastics and resins found in the coating used in many canned foods. Only choose cans labeled BPA-free to avoid this cancer-causing material also linked to infertility, obesity, and diabetes. (1)

2. Cured And Smoked Foods – That Includes Bacon!

This is a hard one to “swallow” for most people who are addicted to the salty pleasures of bacon. However, not only bacon but many smoked and cured deli meats and fish contain the preservative nitrate. When cooked the nitrates become N-nitroso compounds, the culprits shown to increase your risk for cancer. Look for meats that are nitrate-free including old favorites like hot dogs and bacon as well as salamis, beef jerky, and most deli meats. (1)

3. Avoid “Farmed” Fish

While it might seem fish that are farmed would have fewer pollutants, they have more than wild-caught fish. This can include a wide scope of carcinogens such as PCB’s. However, another pretty gross fact about farmed fish is they can also have “sea lice.” If that’s not gross enough, to avoid sea lice many fish farms treat the water with pesticides which are also highly carcinogenic. (1)

4. Grilled And Barbecued Meat

When meat is cooked over coals or wood they are exposed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Combine that with the smoke caused by fat dripping and you are helping these poisons to get stuck on your food. (1)

5. Infamous Hydrogenated Oils

Also known as the dreaded trans- fats, these oils have become infamous for causing a whole lot of health woes. They are man-made oils, using harmful chemicals to help prolong shelf life, make them taste better, and reduce unpleasant odors released when frying foods. They not only increase the risk of cancer but are also linked to other serious health issues from heart disease to diabetes. (1)

6. Convenient Microwave Popcorn

While the idea is genius, it turns out the bags used for microwave popcorn use perfluoroalkyl, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). These barely pronounceable substances have been known to cause prostate cancer in PFOA plant workers. The chemicals also show up in bloodwork as contaminants. (1)

7. Conventionally Grown Fruits & Vegetables

While we are all being encouraged to increase our intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, ironically, non-organic farms use pesticides, herbicides, and GMO seeds which are bad for our health. Pesticides are of the most concern when it comes to eating conventionally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Shop organic so you can continue to enjoy the healthy benefits of fresh fruit and veggies without any of the risks. (1)

8. ANY Processed Foods

I live by the credo if it comes in a box, it ain’t healthy. However, processed foods come in all shapes and forms and are not only specific to meals or foods, but also commonly used staples such as white flours, sugars, and oils. Your processed food choices from pre-made meals to side dishes and canned foods to cookies and crackers contain these “white” poisons as well as things such as preservatives and food colors that are all unhealthy. (1)

9. Refined Sugars

Cancer cells love sugar as much as we do. Sugars in general should be avoided, but refined sugars are even worse. They are linked to all kinds of issues from low HDL levels to higher blood triglyceride levels and from increased risk for obesity to arthritis. (1)

10. Sugary Drinks

I’m a water person all the way. It quenches my thirst and contains nothing that can cause me harm. However, many people reach for soda or sports drinks which are high in unhealthy fructose corn syrup and sugar not to mention dyes. And don’t be fooled by “sugar-free” options as they contain just as many dangerous ingredients such as aspartame. Some sports drinks actually contain flame-retardant brominated vegetable oil for some very strange reason. All these ingredients can increase your risk of cancer. (1)

It might be hard to remove all these foods from your diet. However, reducing your intake will also help reduce your risk of cancer. (1)

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