Toxins Susceptibility

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Understand your body’s response to toxins,
so that you can minimize the effects of
toxin-overload with appropriate detox measures.


What is a Toxin?

Whenever an inorganic substance gets into our body that causes harm, it can be considered a toxin. By “inorganic” it means it is “alien” to our body and that our body cannot assimilate or use it, but instead it harms.

How a body respond to a toxin depends on both the individual AND the nature of the toxin.


Our Susceptibility to Toxins

There are many factors that can affect the susceptibility of our body’s response to toxins. We can control some of these factors, but some are beyond our control:

  • Age: Young children and the elderly are more susceptible than healthy adults are.
  • Health status: People with low immune defenses and with liver problem are particularly affected by toxins. Low immune system is caused by other factors that follow below.
  • Gender: Women tend to respond more sensitively to toxins compared to men. Women have higher levels of hormones that are particularly sensitive to certain toxins.
  • Genetic make-up: Due to our genetic make-up, some people may have less detox enzymes, causing them to be more susceptible.
  • Enzymatic defects: Although rare, people with enzymatic defects may suffer more adverse effects from toxins than others.
  • Lack of nutrition: In order to work the existing detox enzymes in the body, optimum nutrition is required to activate them. A body will be more susceptible if lacking in the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, etc.
  • Contaminated food: Constant consumption of nutrient-deficient foods, and foods contaminated with additives, food flavorings, preservatives, chemicals, hormones, etc., make a body more susceptible.
  • Drugs: Most prescription drugs are synthetic (man-made); they are inorganic and cannot be assimilated by our body. They get stored in our body and cannot be absorbed nor eliminated. This category includes anesthetic jabs administered during a surgery, and vaccinations. Alcohol consumption and smoking also contributes to the accumulation of drugs that will lead to a host of other health issues.
  • Lack of exercise/sedentary lifestyle: Our skin is one of the biggest detoxification organ. Perspiration helps eliminate toxins through the skin. Without perspiration, our body has one less outlet for detoxifying. Regular exercise also helps the heart to pump the blood for good circulation.
  • Nature of the toxins: External chemicals are man-made and are toxic for our body by nature. The degree of exposure to the toxins and the toxicity of the toxins determine how badly affected we get.

Due to any or all of the factors above, we are exposed to a wide variety of toxins that stay in our bodies for a long time. When we do not take measures to detoxify, our bodies become overloaded.

Toxins get stored in our body fats, in the brain, our cell membranes, in the liver, kidneys, lungs, etc. When new toxins continue to enter the body, they cannot get metabolized because the body is already overloaded. This backlogged toxins then cause damage to the detoxification organs and also attack the endocrine, nervous and immune systems. It is also during this time when new toxins enter our body, there cause allergic reactions, skin breakouts, or chronic pains are felt.



There is Hope and Help

There is a long list of chronic diseases (a.k.a. degenerative diseases) that are direct results of overloaded toxins in our bodies. Take this fact as a piece of GOOD NEWS because chronic diseases can be helped and will respond positively with proper detoxification and nutrition.

Just remember:  There is no drug in this world that can heal a chronic disease, but instead only add on to your misery. Drugs (medication) can only suppress symptoms but they cannot heal you. Your body was made to self-heal. You need to give your body a chance to heal by itself by holding on to this formula:


All is not lost. There is HOPE and there is HELP. Come with me, and learn:

  • How to minimize your exposure to toxins
  • Detoxifying by cleansing, balancing or prevention
  • Nourish your cells back to health with proper nutrition




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