Thyroid nodules gone!

by Angela Carr (Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada)


All my life as a child I knew something was wrong with me. Now, 30 years later, the unveiling has begun. I went a couple of times for my thryoid to be x-rayed. Nothing to put me on meds … yet I felt achy tired, not able to think or remember anything, irritable, totally6 unhealthy. I went for a medical examination five years ago, they saw nodules.

I then started to mulch 15 different fruits and vegetables every morning. Three months later I went back to the specialists, the nodules shrunk to normal. I took a break from mulching for three years. A lot has happened in my life during that time.

Now I am back on and I feel healthy. I can retain information, learn things. I am told only one time, grasp new things and add creative ideas at work. I am full of energy even though I don’t sleep deep. Yet, my hair is fuller, was thin or barely there most of my life. I think right, not negatively. My favorite mulch or juices are the fennel bulb, with spinach, dandelion, carrots, canteloupe, pineapple, ginger, lemon, apple or pear, and sweet potatoes. They’re delicious and filling. What a rush! I actually feel my brain being detoxified! It’s better than any drug.

I will keep you posted with hopefully, weight loss. The fennel does build your appetite. I have to watch what I eat.





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