Should I remove pineapple skin before juicing?

by Glenda (Switzerland)


Hi Sara, thank you so much for your excellent site. I have just come to juicing (i purchased a GreenStar juicer) and am using it to generally improve my health and energy.

I cut the skin off the pineapple before juicing today and it became very frothy, bubbling out of the feeding chute. Is this normal for pineapple?



Sara says:

Hi Glenda,

Pineapple is a very fibrous fruit, so it is very normal for it to be frothy after juicing.

Yes, you will have to remove the spiky/thorny skin before you juice.

Cut the pineapple flesh into smaller pieces so that they don’t jam up the juicer. Use a strainer to sieve the froth from the juice if you don’t like it frothy and pulpy.

Pineapples are grown very close to the ground and the skin does get covered with soil. Germs and bacteria might lodge in the skin. And, because the skin is rough and thorny, it would be difficult to thoroughly clean the pineapple skin. Some people say you don’t have to cut off the skin, but I usually do.

Enjoy your sweet, fragrant pineapple juice!

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