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I received many emails every day, asking various questions pertaining to juicing, juicers, nutrition and general health.  Here are my answers to some of these selected questions.  They may answer yours too.  If not, ask me here!


About Juicing


Is extended juice fasting harmful?

Juicing is a waste!?

What’s with the foam?

Nauseous after drinking green juices

Cabbage juice tastes nasty!

How much is too much carrot juice?

Potato a nasty food?

Should I remove pineapple skin before juicing?

Hands turned yellow from drinking carrot juice?

Why is juicing better than eating it whole?

Eating fruits and veggies whole?

Is it OK to freeze veg and fruit juices right away?

Can I make juices for the whole day?

Is it safe to juice whole apples including the seeds?

Best options for storing juice.

How to juice bitter gourd/melon?

Do you remove orange and lemon peel when juicing them?

Dark stool after drinking juices?

Too much iron?

Possible long-term effects?

Possible to overdo it?

Juicing and daily water recommendation


About Juice Fasting/Feasting

Where do fats go during a juice fast?

Want to go on a juice diet to lose weight

My first juice fast, and I’m scared


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Sick and tired, help!

Help for epilepsy child

I have a lot of questions

Can juicing cure gout?

Spotting from juicing and change in diet

Juice recipes for memory and stress

Difficult bowel movement

How to reduce water retention

How can I increase my platelet count?

Can you recommend a juice remedy for nose bleeding?

What to juice for a diabetic?

What is a good juicing plan for a diabetic?

Juicing while pregnant

What is the best juice for recovery from a cold?

What juice can you suggest for stiff joints?

Clenched muscles and cramps in the calves

Can a person with stomach ulcer drink juice?

How to heal from toxemia

Liver detox for toxemia

To improve eye health

On high-blood pressure medication




About Juicers

Which juicer to buy? Centrifugal versus masticating juicer

What is your opinion about the Norwalk Juicer?

About Green Power Juicer

Which juicer is easiest to use?

What is the horsepower of a good juicer?

How does your juicer separate the pesticides from the juice?

Any benefit from using a centrifugal juicer?

Montel Williams Living Well Healthmaster

Veggies clog the KT100 Slow Juicer

Are centrifugal juicers as bad as you make them sound?



Toxoplasmosis and vitamin overdose

How to prevent mold in my wheatgrass sprouting?

Ideas on keeping a kitchen conducive to healthy eating

Brilliant soft drinks article


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