Quest for a better, healthier lifestyle

by Arsh (UAE)


I have got quite a few problems before even reaching my mid 20s and now I’m in my 30s.

I had gastrointestinal issue, GERD, duodenum ulcer, etc. Despite medication nothing ever got fixed, till date i have got to take this antacids such as OMEPRAZOLE. It made me put on unnecessary weight all over me specifically in middle area :(  I was struggling hard to lose them all.

What better way could have come to me than this juicing routine. I never liked cooking myself, hence it’s one of the best things I have got my hands on in recent days. I’m not obsessed about taste issues so I am able to consume all green raw juices, be it done in a mixer or masticating juicer.

Gradually, my body is picking up on my fruits and vegetables consumption, and my tolerance level has improved.

I consume huge amounts of water too besides drinking juices, specifically early morning on an empty stomach. I get my protein from eggs and exercise regularly.

Although I have not lost much weight yet, hardly 2 kgs, and 2 inches in total, but my skin is improved. My energy level got way increased, I’m always feeling active, alive and happy :)

My life quality has improved and it’s simply because of these raw veggie juices. I’m sure it is because I have never ate/drink so much vegetables in my whole life.

I will keep you guys posted with further improvements, God willing.



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