Nauseous after drinking green juices

by David Maina (Kenya)


Thank you for your help. I like juicing veges. After drinking though, I start feeling nauseous and my heart rate beats fast. I like Ginger and Karela and I do put in plenty.




Sara says:

Hi David,

Green juices are rather potent on their own as they are so rich with vitamins and minerals. The chlorophyll and phytonutrients are such powerful blood cleansers that they do their cleansing work in your body almost immediately upon consumption.

Juices contain high concentrations of these cleansers that they do their job too effectively and too fast. During cleansing, your body toxins are being dumped into the bloodstream which you don’t get eliminated quick enough.

While the toxins are being transported for elimination, you encounter “healing reactions” that could be joint pains, headache, fatigue and even nausea. This shows that your body is rather toxic and will definitely benefit with further consumption of the green juices. But, start with less. More doesn’t mean better, especially that this combination of karela (bitter gourd) and ginger happen to be very potent cleansers.

Over time, gradually increase the amount of green juices. You’ll feel better and better with higher dosage, not because your body “gets used to it” but rather that your body is becoming less and less toxic/acidic, thus the potency bother you less and less.

Do read up on the following before you take your next big glass of green juice, and happy juicing!

Juicing Lessons

Vegetable Juicing


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3 thoughts on “Nauseous after drinking green juices

  1. Sarita

    I also feel sick after juicing. For me I suspect it’s also to do with the coldness of the juice hitting my stomach. (I hate drinking cold water at the best of times).
    I wonder if an alternative to a juice fast would be to take green powder in capsultes, with warm water?

    1. Sara Ding Post author

      Hi Sarita, if you don’t like cold juice, you may take your fruits and vegetables out of the fridge and leave them at room temperature for about half an hour before juicing them. If you are new to juicing, green juices could possibly cause you to be sick. Start with fruits/vegetables that you are familiar with and gradually add new vegetables to get your body accustomed to them.

  2. Regina Dillard

    Your answer helped me tremendously. Just this morning, I just almost 20 oz of green juice which contains collard greens, parsley and other good greens. Before I could get half of it down, I felt so nauseous that I had to stop drinking it. The other thing I noticed was my mouth was filled with quite a bit of mucous-y saliva. So much, that I had to pull over to spit it out. What’s up with that?


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