Juicing For Kids

Learn the safe juicing methods with tips and tricks to make juicing for your kids fun and beneficial.


Joy Of Juicing With Kids

If you have children at home, you would naturally want to share the joy of juicing with them. This section will cover all that you need to know about how to get your kids to drink juices, what is suitable for them, the nutrition they need and some yummy recipes for them.

Some kids don’t need much persuasion to drink fresh juices, and some would not drink juices no matter what you do. My daughter happens to be the latter and I have been forced to think of creative ways to get her to drink. If you share the same problem I faced, there are some useful tips you can pick up here which have worked for me.

Generally, babies under two years old don’t need to drink juices, especially if they’re being breastfed. They are born so perfectly nourished that they don’t really need the nutrition from fresh juices until they begin to get exposed to “unhealthy foods” as in some homes, or junk food when they start going to school.

If your kids are like mine where they are given unhealthy foods at the school cafeteria, then you know that they definitely need juices at home. At least at home under your wings, you know that you can give them nutritious foods and drinks to “make up” for what they are lacking when they are not with you.

Here’s a general guide on how much juice you can give your children in a day, but always trust your own judgment and instinct on how well they are taking it: 

  • 1 to 3 years old: When your toddlers begin on solid food, do introduce fruits and vegetables in their diet. Start them from young. An example of how you can get get your toddler to like a certain fruit: Put a small piece of fruit to her mouth. She may reject it, no problem. Keep giving it to her everyday until she finally eats it. She will learn to like it. Try with a variety. Some good ones to start would be soft fruits like banana, pears, apples, mangoes, tomatoes, avocados, boiled potatoes, etc.
  • 4 to 8 years old: Begin introducing juices to your young child with a ¼ cup (about 60ml), dilute with one part water (1:1). When they are rather stable taking juice, you can slowly increase the juice amount, always diluting with one part water.
  • 9 to 12 years old: If they are just starting to take juice, start with ½ cup of juice dilute in one part water. When they are seasoned, they can safely take ½ cup neat (about 120ml), without any problem. Do not give them more than ½ cup as it may cause diarrhea.
  • 12 years and above: At this age, they will be able to safely take one cup (about 250 ml) juice neat. However, if they are not used to taking juice, test with smaller amounts first.

Before you embark on safe juicing for your kids, please be sure that you yourself understand the important lessons about juicing first.