How can I increase my platelet count?

by Shanna Tennyson (Ferndale, WA)


My platelets are extremely low and causing a lot of fatigue. I have Hepatitis C and my liver function is not great right now. My doctor would like to do a liver biopsy but is waiting for my platelets to come up.

I have cut out alcohol of course, and have been drinking juices daily. Also, I have reduced sugar and salt consumption. No fatty food (I never liked junk food anyway). I cook from scratch for my family and we follow (not strictly) a healthy whole food diet.

My usual juices in the morning consist of combinations of the following: Beetroot and greens, carrots, apple, ginger, kale, spinach, cucumber, pear, melons and dandelion greens.

Thank you for your time.


Papaya tree


Sara Says:

Hi Shanna,

In my country Malaysia, dengue fever is very common. Dengue fever is caused by viruses that are being transmitted by infected Aedes mosquitoes.

Some of the symptoms of dengue fever are: very high fever, nausea, headache and dangerously low blood platelet count.

I had two of my friends admitted to the hospital for dengue fever and we helped out by making for them, fresh papaya leaf juice. Papaya leaf is known to contain very high amounts of vitamins A, C, E, K, B Complex and especially high in B17 (laetrile, which is used for the treatment of cancer).

After taking the papaya leaf juice, my friends’ blood platelet count increased rapidly and they were out of the hospital within days. One of them reported their platelet count at a dangerous level of only 8 (normal count is 150 and above). One week after she was discharged, her platelet count shot up to above 300.

To make this papaya leaf juice, clean the leaf and carefully cut out the stem. Juice the whole leaf using a gear juicer. If you don’t have a gear juicer, blend the leaves using a food processor/blender, then put them in a filter cloth to squeeze out the juice. Try to get 1 tablespoon worth of this fresh juice to be drunk twice a day. The taste is horribly bitter so get a piece of lemon to standby to wash out the taste afterwards. DO NOT drink water (or other fluids) immediately after, to allow the concentrated juice work its miracle.

I believe that by continuing to take the papaya leaf juice it might even help with your other problems.

Papaya is a tropical fruit so it may not grow in certain countries. In this case, you may like to get papaya leaf extract instead, best to take in liquid form. Here are some recommendations:


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One thought on “How can I increase my platelet count?

  1. Sara Ding Post author

    Hi Chris, how many leaves to get 1 tablespoonful depends on the size of the papaya leaf, and your method of extraction. For example, if I use a small leave and extract using my masticating juicer, I may get 1 tablespoon. However, if you pound them and then extract using a cloth, you may need more than one leaf. Consume twice a day until your platelet count increases back to a healthy level.


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