Gorgeous and nutritious juices from our Matstone

by Con & Nita (Cork, Ireland)


Matstone 6-in-1

We purchased a Matstone slow juicer about one month ago. Since then we have produced the most gorgeous and nutritious selection of mixed juices, e.g. carrot mixed with pears, apples, oranges, lemons, etc.

We usually produce up to three litres in each “juicing session” which we can complete in about one hour of real productivity. We instantly store the juice in 1-litre tightly-closed thermal flasks which we keep in the fridge.

This immediate cold storage system allows the juices to cool more slowly from normal room temperatures and gradually. More importantly, it quickly prevents all light and heat/air from penetrating and damaging as little as possible our freshly squeezed juices.

We can then consume our juices in perfect condition from our flasks as we wish over the following few days. We have discovered that even after 3 or 4 days the quality of our juices are still as good and nutritious as the moment they spilled out of our juicer.

We are also thrilled with our Matstone slow juicer which is so easy to use and clean afterwards. It is very well designed and we believe the secret of its success is in its slow crushing programme running at only about 80rpm.

Whilst the machine was expensive to purchase at about €200, it will last for a long time and give us endless supplies of the most gorgeous juices for many years to come.

Finally, be sure to carefully wash out your thermal flasks after each use, ready for its next fill of healthy fresh juice!




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