What’s with the foam?

by Beverly (Hawaii)


I’m foam averse. It’s a texture thing. Don’t like smoothies, yogurt, or pulp in my orange juice either. But I love the fresh juice, as long as I skim off the foam and discard it or strain it off first. Am I discarding the nutrients and therefore wasting my time juicing? You said no question is silly! 😉




Sara says:

Dear Beverly,

Good question, thank you for asking. 😉

When juicing, your juicer may produce a certain amount of foam in the juice. The amount of the foam/froth depends on the type of juicer you use, and what you’re juicing. Masticating juicers (slow juicers) would produce less foam compared to centrifugal juicers (high-speed spinning). And fibrous fruits/vegetables would produce more foam compared to the less fibrous counterparts.

When a juicer or blender spins at high-speed, it captures more air that mixes with the juice, causing the juice to be “fluffed” and “frothy”.

Like you, I would often scoop out and discard the foam/froth produced when juicing before drinking. For two reasons:

  • The foam/froth is mostly oxidized as it is the product of a mixture of minerals and “trapped” air bubbles. Oxidation is a result from the “dark side” of oxygen which may harm our cells in the long run.
  • The foam/froth are air bubbles. Consuming them will mean consuming extra “gas” into our gastro, causing bloating and burping.

So you’re doing right by discarding the foam. You can also use a strainer to sieve out the foam and pulp if you like your juice to be smooth.

The above are just my reasons/opinion. There might be more reason(s) for or against drinking the foam with the juice, but I don’t believe you lose any nutrients by discarding.

Hope this explains! 😉



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3 thoughts on “What’s with the foam?

  1. padma

    I’m 7th day of my 7 day juice fast/cleanse and down with fever of 102 and bad sore throat. My day 1 and day 2 were mildly rough with exhausion and light headache. But days 3-6 were wonderful until I came down with the fever. Is the fever because of the cleansing? I read somewhere that fever can occur.


  2. Rob Nunn

    Valerie, what a stupid post. I have just read (for the first time) what Sara said in response to Beverly and it was completely accurate. … and then I scroll down and read your most idiotic post. How rude of you. What do you know?


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