Emotional Healing Reactions

When you experience emotional healing reactions, they may not be pleasant and sometimes seem scary, but, welcome them as part of your total healing.


What is “Emotional Healing Reaction”?

When you go on an extended juice fast/feast, you are bound to experience a series of healing reactions. Read the page on physical healing crisis if you have not read it already.

With an extended fasting of 40 days or beyond, a deep tissue cleansing is likely to uncover old hurts, not only physically, but also emotionally.


You may begin to experience noticeable mental clarity and a bout of emotional mood swings. Although unpleasant, if you’re aware, you will welcome them as part of your whole and total healing: body, mind and spirit. During this time, if you’re also fasting for a spiritual purpose, you may experience a heightened sensitivity to your spirit being.

As your body chemicals become more balanced; when there is improvement in mental clarity; and as parts of your body chemicals that are associated with emotions are brought to its almost-original state, “emotional toxins” will be released during this time that cause emotional healing reactions which may appear as severe mood swings.


Negative Emotions

Emotional toxins are old hurts, negative emotions and trauma that you may have experienced in your earlier years. Through the years, when we stifle or suppress an emotion, they get stored in the deep tissues that may manifest physically later, in the form of muscular tensions, back pains, stiff neck, frozen shoulders, heart diseases, arthritis, low immunity and other physiological problems. I’m not saying that ALL these physical problems are due to emotional toxins.

When one makes it a habit of suppressing emotions repeatedly, the subconscious mind takes over. The body becomes a storehouse to store these unexpressed emotions. Some examples are, refusal to cry even when you wanted to, or when you hold your breath instead of crying out, or fist/teeth clenching – not punching/yelling out in anger.

Negative thoughts and thoughts of low self-esteem, possibly from hearing them spoken by abusive authority figures in the past: that one is ugly, unloved, unworthy, incompetent, stupid, etc. These all contribute to suppressed emotional toxins which stay in the body.

Unforgiveness is another emotional toxin that most often manifests later as some bodily pains. The act of forgiving, as Jesus commands us to forgive seventy times seven times (Matthew 18:21-22), can often provide healing for a long-embedded physical affliction.

Sometimes we feel justified, to hold a grudge against another person because he/she had caused us deep hurt. We hold the grudge for many years, but the other person doesn’t know what’s going on with your emotions. Who suffers? YOU, if you don’t decide to forgive.



Emotional Release

When you are aware of this knowledge about emotional healing reaction, you will recognize mood swings as part of your healing. Accept them, cooperate, respond positively and healing will come sooner.

It is helpful if you have a supportive friend or partner whom you can talk to and who will help you through this emotional healing period. Prepare those around you who matters, so that when there is an outburst, they will understand and are more forgiving. When there are negative emotions and/or thoughts arising, don’t suppress them, deal with them. Let them out, you may feel like screaming or yelling – do so. Cry your heart out if you must. Take your time to let them all out, don’t wallow in them.

Go for a walk alone, pray, meditate, rest or sleep. It will help to let these negative emotions pass as undamaging as possible. Don’t take out your anger on another person, especially your loved ones. Remember that you’re on the way to healing and these are just part of your inevitable healing reactions.

What I mention here are emotional healing reactions that can happen when you’re on an extended juice fast/feast. When you know you’re doing a positive thing by eating superior foods that rebalance your body chemistry; and you experience mood swings or sometimes emotions that may seem depressing, avoid taking drugs during this time as it would simply prolong your healing. Be well.