Red-Flesh Dragon Fruit (Pitaya), Beetroot and Lemon (Vision health)





  • 1 red-flesh dragon fruit (pitaya)
  • 1/2 of big beetroot or 1 small beetroot
  • 1/4 slice of lemon with peel





Cut dragon fruit into four pieces, then peel off the skin. Cut into smaller pieces to fit into your juicer chute. Do the same with the beetroot.

Dragon fruit is highly nutrient-dense, rich with anti-oxidants and an excellent source of dietary fiber. Rich in phosphorus, iron and vitamins B1, B2 and B3. The black seeds of dragon fruit contains healthy, monounsaturated fats, calcium and protein. Studies have shown that dragon fruit helps to regulate blood sugar level associated with Type 2 diabetes. There is also the white variety dragon fruit.

This combo helps detoxify liver and improve vision because of the high content of beta-carotene.



Makes about 400 ml worth of red-blood smoothie. 😉

Dragon fruit’s flesh texture is like that of kiwi fruit, and the one I used here was a little overripe so was slushy. It produced a thick smoothie instead of juice. I did not use the external strainer as I wanted to include the seeds for its rich calcium.



The rich smoothie texture … yummy!

Juicer used to make this juice: Alpha Juicer (available in Malaysia).

USA equivalent: Omega J8003/J8005 or improved models: J8004/J8006.


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