Cabbage juice tastes nasty

by Wood (Washington D.C., USA)

My chiropractor suggested that I drink a little glass of fresh cabbage juice in the morning for my digestive system. The only thing is that it taste nasty. Would I lose any of the benefits if I added a little vinegar?


Sara says:

Raw cabbage eaten on its own is fine, but the juice does taste nasty. It is bitter and very unpalatable. Bitter and sour (vinegar) don’t go together but if you want to, do go for organic apple cider vinegar which is the healthier option.

A little glass of your cabbage juice (about 2-3 ounce or about 100ml) should do it, don’t drink too much of it. More doesn’t mean better as it may cause gas in some people.

To make your cabbage juice more palatable, you may mix it with equal parts of carrot juice as carrot is very mild, and can also help with your digestive system.  See this page on a juice that helps with the digestive system.

Other juices you can mix with your cabbage juice are apple juice, celery juice, or raw honey. These are all calming to the stomach.

One more thing you might need to do to aid digestion is to take probiotics which you can buy from your local health store. Go for the good quality ones that also has prebiotics. Often, digestive problems are caused by an almost non-existent beneficial bacteria flora that helps with digestion. Even if this is not the cause of your problem, probiotics can help tremendously.

Hope this was useful!

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