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I have a collection of books on juicing, nutrition and natural healing.

Let me share with you some of the recommended read, but they’re not all just about juicing.

Just a small portion of my juicing/health books collection.

Just a small portion of my juicing/health books collection.


I often get asked for recommendation of good books on juicing. I have a wide collection of books on juicing, nutrition and natural healing. The picture above shows only a small portion of my many shelves of books. In fact, I’m running out of space to add more book shelves in my little apartment!

I love reading and invest a lot in books, especially books on natural healing. I have another shelf just filled with all my 2-inches thick text books from my Holistic Health Practitioner course. Although I’m a slow reader, I devour every one of my books from cover-to-cover. There is so much to learn from all the best gurus in the world, and so little time!

I will highlight here some of the books that are good reads. I may not be able to cover ALL the books I’ve read but these are some of the better ones, in no particular order. They’re not all just on juicing. Some are essential read if you want to get well. This list will be added to from time to time.


Recommended Books (in no particular order):



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