Advertising Opportunities In Health And Wellness Industry

With over 2 million unique views per month, Juicing For Health is a leading health website. Our advertising opportunities give your business immediate visibility in the nutrition and holistic health industry.


Why Advertise on

  • 2 million unique visitors a month*
  • 4 million page views a month*
  • 1.1 million Facebook followers
  • Gain access to a huge and unique audience passionate about nutrition, holistic health and natural living.
  • Highly flexible advertising opportunities—PPC, PPI, page specific advertising, mobile only ads, plus a wide selection of banner sizes and positions.

* As of January 2017


Audience Profile

Audience Location

Juicing for Health readers are mainly in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, the Philippines, Australia, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore and Ireland.
JFH visitors by country

Channel—Source of Traffic

The vast majority of Juicing For Health visitors comes from Google organic search, Facebook and Pinterest.

JFH visitors by channel



Juicing For Health readers are on the go! Most of our traffic is from mobile devices.
JFH visitors by device

New Vs Returning Visitors

Juicing For Health readership is growing daily, but we maintain a solid fan base who return to the website weekly.
JFH visitors by new Vs returning visitors


Audience Demographic

The Juicing For Health readership is largely female of working age to the elderly (25-64 years of age).
JFH visitors by age and gender


Audience Interests

Juicing For Health fans are interested in nutrition, health, natural foods, home/DIY and cooking. They are also searching for travel and hotels, beauty products and shop online frequently.
JFH visitors interests

Affinity Category shows the overall audience interests, passions, and lifestyle and gives a sense of their identity.

In-Market Audience shows what our audience is currently searching for, comparing and generally in the market to buy. Individuals in this audience have indicated that they are actively into in-market products.


Our Advertisement Opportunities and Rates

Our rates are affordable for the amount of exposure you get. We endeavor to place your ads on pages that are relevant to your business and have high traffic visibility. There will be no other conflicting ads placed on the same page. However, we reserve the right to decline your offer should we find your business or advertisement to be not relevant to our site concept or belief. Request for rates.

We also accept posting on our Facebook page that has over 1 million followers.



Who can advertise on Juicing For Health?

Originally juice-related, our website has expanded to cover holistic health and nutritional issues. Any business in this sector can advertise with us. However, we are selective about advertisements that must add value for our health-conscious readers.

The following businesses are particularly aligned to our readership and will gain the most from advertising with us:

  • Healthy eating
  • Nutritional healing
  • Natural weight loss
  • Environmental health
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Health centers or spas
  • Natural healthcare providers
  • Alternative healing
  • Traditional medicine
  • Juicer producers and retailers

What are the conditions for my advertisements?

  • Advertisement text and images are to be provided by advertisers and must flow with the page content where the ad is placed.
  • There is no tie-in commitment for ads. You may list and de-list at any time. Payment made will not be refunded even if advertising period is only partially used.
  • Juicing for Health retains the right to remove an advert for any reason at any moment and without given warning.

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