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Why Advertise With

If the concept of juicing complements your health-related website or business, then you would want to advertise with to get the additional exposure to targeted prospects/customers who are health-conscious and seeking answers.

Types of businesses that will benefit from advertising with us:

  • Related to healthy eating
  • Related to nutritional healing
  • Related to natural weight loss
  • Related to environmental health
  • Related to exercise and fitness
  • Health centers or spas
  • Natural health care providers
  • Alternative healing
  • Traditional medicine
  • If you’re selling juicers (main distributors only)

For businesses other than those listed above, please feel free to enquire. We are basically happy to work with people who care about natural healing. However, we are selective about advertisements that must add value for our site visitors who are health-conscious.


Our Site Traffic

As at January 2017, our website receives over 1 million unique visitors and over 4 million page views every MONTH and these numbers will continue to grow. On, is ranked in the top 1% sites on the internet and is one of the leading websites on JUICING.  Take a look at our realtime Alexa ranking:

You want to advertise with a top and leading website that complements your business. Advertise with

About 60-70% of our site visitors are from the USA.


Our Advertisement Rates

Our rates are really affordable for the amount of exposure you get. We endeavor to place your ads on pages that are relevant to your business and have high traffic visibility. There will be no other conflicting ads placed on the same page. However, we reserve the right to decline your offer should we find your business or advertisement to be not relevant to our site concept or belief.

We also accept posting on our Facebook page that has over 1 million followers.


  • Advertisement text and images are to be provided by advertisers but must flow with the page content where the ad is placed.
  • There is no tie-in commitment for ads. You may list and delist at any time. Payment made will not be refunded even if advertising period is only partially used.

Please contact Sara to discuss advertising rate.

Please be as descriptive as you can about your business and the type of ad you’re interested to place, and include the following information:

  • Your business website
  • Nature of business
  • Type and frequency of advertisement required

Thank you!


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